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I really look forward to the weekly tunes.

Old Mother Flanagan

Many, many thanks! Hey Josh, I was wondering if you could maybe forego a tune or two somewhere down the line and instead do a video or two about different tunings and how to get to them.

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It would be very helpful I think. I got my wife to strum the guitar chords with me after I had practised this tune for a few days. If you speed it up, I suppose she has a point, but how good a banjo version of the real Benny Hill theme would sound on the banjo! Josh, could you do it? It would be a hit! It grows on you …. Practice the answer? What I recommend doing is breaking it down into 2 steps.


Get to where you can play it that way; once you can, then try to add in the second move. I am going to attempt this tune tomorrow. During the gathering , Madelyn failed her unseen movement exercise and must retake it in three months, but was advanced to fourth-year training anyways. At a fair to celebrate her return, Madelyn met Dimon. Gilan and Horace took a company of troops to the Red Fox headquarters, and Madelyn and Dimon began to spend time together.

On a suggestion from King Duncan , Madelyn explored the castle and discovered secret tunnels leading outside the walls. Investing a rumor, Madelyn explored an abbey and discovered a fox face scratched into the floor.

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Deciding to come back later, she returned to Castle Araluen to meet The Herons. Returning to the abbey, Madelyn witnessed a Fox Clan meeting, but her presence was discovered and she's nearly caught. Before Madelyn can make it back to the castle, the Foxes infiltrated the castle, disguised as members of Horace's troops. Dimon was revealed as the leader of the Foxes, having used them in a bid to take the throne for himself. Cassandra and a handful of servants were able to escape to the southern tower. Using the tunnels, Madelyn successfully snuck into the tower. Her and Cassandra began to plan their escape.

Maddie is especially skilled with the sling, just like Cassandra.

Old Mother Flanagan

She uses a different technique than her mother which is, she thinks, much better. She uses self-made lead balls as projectiles. As well as this, Maddie has had training as a Ranger's Apprentice. Sign In Don't have an account? Mia Anderson. Madeline 'Maddie' Thomas.

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