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Beautiful Agony, "faces of le petit mort," is one of the most original and arty sites we've seen.

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  • Sharing your orgasm face with the world. Can we talk about Beautiful Agony for a sec?.

Le petit mort is French for orgasm, which is the focus of Beautiful Agony, but from the neck up only. The casual smut searcher may be less than amused by the material here, but the true porn aficionado will certainly revel in these marvelous masturbation videos which leave most everything to the imagination. With over female and male amateur performers, Beautiful Agony is a "sexperience" that takes the act of sex out of any identifiable context. So in essence, the "porn" takes place in the mind of the subject AND in the mind of the viewer.

It's also fun to note how many of the female models needed to be in either doggie style or lying on their backs to achieve orgasm. Really, it's like nothing we've ever seen before.

Beautiful Agony Porn Videos

Many of the videos are also followed by a very sincere interview as these mostly European individuals describe their thoughts. The site design is simple yet elegant. Clean lines, plenty of white space, etc. Videos can either be streamed or downloaded in one click. Quality is good and movies average 10 Mb for 5 minutes of viewing. You can sort videos by female or male subjects.

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We would highly recommend Beautiful Agony to women and couples interested in erotic art, as the mental stimulation which may result could be greater than most visuals. On the downside, the experience can be, for some, very repetitive.

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  • Beautiful Agony is an ethical erotica website..
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Be sure to post on the lively and intelligent forum as there are some 25, registered participants from around the world. Submitted by will gamble Apparently Sir Rodney does not actually allow comments as I have left them on two previous days.

Capturing the Face of Orgasm: In & Out with Richard Lawrence, Founder of Beautiful Agony

This site is bogus. Thanks to all the sock puppet comments on Sir Rodneys site praising Beautiful Agony, I joined and was greatly dissapointed.

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These women are so clearly faking orgasm that it is laughable. This site has no business being reviewed by a porn site reviewer such as Sir Rodney.

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I subscribed to this site because of the reviews found here and it was the pits. Submitted by Anonymous Beautifull women indeed. Keep it up.

Submitted by Ces't la vie Beautiful Agony is the most tantalizingly beautiful ezample of erotic art that I have seen on the web yet. It serves as a deliciously perfect example of the fine dividing line between porn and real art, and provides a courageously adventureous experience.

beautiful agony - facettes de la petite mort join

Insightful, tastefully human. Submitted by married woman As I have a little lesbian touch and use my masturbation sessions to have an outlet, I often visit this wonderful site. To jill off in the company of those ladies is a heavenly delight. Submitted by married couple We are a married couple. We use the beauty of the excited girls my wife prefers the girls too masturbating or being banged.

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