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Today, women hold While progress has been made, women in leadership still face an uphill climb. If that doesn't happen, both Mann and CNBC contributor Suzy Welch say that more women will continue to leave corporate America to create their own opportunities. Like this story? Don't miss: As Indra Nooyi steps down, companies must support a dwindling pipeline of women leaders.

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    Women at war: why do we still struggle with the idea of female soldiers? | Books | The Guardian

    Laura Alber. Where is there a woman artist equal to any man among the greatest masters? The greatest geniuses were all hustled and moulded into shape by the greatest epochs of ambition in the lives of nations, just as the mountains of Switzerland were thrown up to their towering heights by tremendous forces underground; and, as the Alps do not repeat themselves, here and there, for the pleasure of tourists, so the greatest geniuses do not reappear for the pleasure of critics or of theorists.

    And this is not all. Why compare the differing genius of women and men? There is room in the garden of art for flowers of every[12] kind and for butterflies and birds of every species; and why should anyone complain because a daisy is not a rose, or because nightingales and thrushes, despite their family resemblance, have voices of their own, dissimilar in compass and in quality?

    Women at war: why do we still struggle with the idea of female soldiers?

    Privacy Policy More info. Privately published memoir of an American portraitist who grew up in a log cabin and went on to paint presidents, congressmen, philanthropists, and Daniel Boone….

    Billy Joel - She's Always a Woman (Official Audio)

    An unusual example of a painted photograph, in which the artist has left sections untouched by paint…. A distinctly sexual tone to the whole thing…. The majority of the digital copies featured are in the public domain or under an open license all over the world, however, some works may not be so in all jurisdictions.

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    21 Inspiring Feminist Quotes for a Serious Dose of Girl Power

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