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Tommy Tedesco: Studio Monster

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Tommy Tedesco: Studio Monster

Your Name. Email Address. Enter the code as shown below:. Send message Please wait Copy Event URL. Epiphone will be releasing officially announcing that guitar in the next couple of months and it should be available in stores in early Mainly I learned by mimicking records, putting albums on the turntable and trying to figure out the chords and riffs.

Eventually I started learning some solos — again, by listening and studying what was on those albums.

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A great rock album that still holds up today is the first Montrose album. A great guitar riff is worth its weight in gold. A lot of it has to do with the guitarists I grew up loving.

Most of them played Les Pauls or other Gibsons. I could never imagine being in a regular band again. That would be a huge step backwards.

Being in KISS is the ultimate in rock and roll performance and theatrics. I was thinking about that the other night.

Tommy Smith - Loch Ness Monster Song (feat. Edwin Morgan) - Escuchar en Deezer

Gene and I were going up on lifts — about 30 feet into the air — and confetti was flying and bombs were going off. But behind the nonchalant facade lay a talented, enthusiastic professional with a wide knowledge of music and a keen sense of the absurd. His instantly recognisable style, influenced by his days as a DJ in America, was far removed from his origins. His showbiz roots came from his mother, a former singer and dancer, and his grandmother, the manager of a repertory theatre.

Expelled from school at 15 for playing truant, he joined the merchant navy in as a cabin boy.

It was while docked in New York, listening to US radio, that he first toyed with becoming a disc jockey. In the early Sixties, a move to Vancouver in pursuit of his first wife, Fern occasioned the opportunity to work at a local radio station 'broadcasting to a field of sleeping cows', as he once described it.

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I said, for that kind of money you can call me what you like, mate. In , he released a handful of singles, including a cover of Herman's Hermits' 'Silhouettes'. None was a hit, and over the next two years he would also present for Radio Luxembourg and Radio London, before the pirates were outlawed in