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It's not clear from your blog post what it is, and the decoder in your GitHub repository is in a programming language I'm not familiar with. If you could append this information to your blog post I would really appreciate it.

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Originally posted by SmashManiac :. Last edited by ; 21 Oct, am. Oh, I'm not scared of unfamiliar programming languages. I already know 20 of them I actually counted them. I've even learned IBM's assembly language for their quantum computers. It's just that I kinda have other things to do over learning a 21st programming language, especially one still in pre-release stages of development, just for this one thing.

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I like that you took efforts to make your code as readable as possible, but for someone unfamiliar with Red, or programming in general, it's just gibberish. I'm lost at line 11 myself.

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To clarify, I was expecting somewhere near the end of your blog post to see a list of steps to manually retrieve the locker code from the Internet code, since one of your goals was to have this information spread and survive as much as possible, even offline. It's not like I'm able to print your stuff right now, show it to a friend and say "read this if you want to unlock the Akuda Bar locker", but I wish I could.

Roger, working on it. Whereas the writer Serling made sure every word was polished, I assume Newland as director took the same care to make his series visually interesting.

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He points out the apartment in which the episode will take place. He then walks down a tall set of steps. The camera pans to to show a street which actually looks like it could be in France, even though there is no mime. The landlord shows her new tenant Rita Wallace Cloris Leachman around the apartment. Rita is happy to find a small room that she can use as a darkroom.

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She is a photographer in France to work on a book of photos of people with interesting faces. The landlord agrees to send someone over. Rita is returning home from the grocery store — with a baguette, BTW. Hey, you can get baguettes in this country, you know!

Big baguettes, the best baguettes. Why does every show in France have people buying a baguette?


Anyhoo, as she is putting away the groceries, she notices a shadow on the wall. Figures 2 and 3 illustrate light refraction through water or oil, which is also diagrammed geometrically in Figure 4. Figure 5 demonstrates the inversion of an image of an external object through a lens in a darkened room, or a diagram of Main Description: "Plate 57" features seven illustrations to accompany Book III of A Compleat System of Opticks , which describes the science behind a variety of optical and image-making machines, including a portable camera obscura, a binocular telescope, and various magic lanterns: a simple tin magic lantern, with a small flame to cast light and an adjustable tube to change the size of the projection, Main Description: These five figures explicate the construction of a device which, using catoptrical mirrors, project optical illusions.

Figures 1 and 2 portray the device itself, while Figures 3 through 5 explain the optical physics of the convex and concave mirrors and the reflected rays of light involved in the illusion. Ozanam, Recreations , , in which exterior images from all around the machine can be projected onto an interior surface using a rotating Figure 2 diagrams the optical physics of the portable box camera obscura with a mirror to right the inverted image.

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Figure 3 illustrates the physics of the common looking glass. Figure 4 explains the optical illusion of Three of the colored figures depict different forms of magic lanterns and how they are operated in order to project phantasmagoric illusions. The figure in the upper right corner of the plate is a portable camera obscura, constructed to resemble a side table or desk. The figures along the bottom of the Figure 1 illustrates the refraction of light through water in a vessel.