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Please try again later. This still makes sense. I'm not a smoker, but I am interested in legitimate uses for this herb. I am sure that all of the plants on the earth have something to give to mankind. This book illustrates the being a "pothead" doesn't have to mean stoned. Aspirin originally came from willow bark. Early adopters made a willow bark tea.

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I have smoked pot for 40 years. And, my lungs really felt it. I bought it, put it on my iPad, read it and it made sense to me.

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So, I made a some small changes in my smoking routine. It was easy to do and I already feel quite a bit better. Now,I am telling my friends to do the same. One person found this helpful.

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I just acquired my license a week ago and am heading to the dispensary with a whole new approach. I took his advice to heart and awoke early with a microtoke in a lush garden. My insights and my day were ecstatic with truth and beauty! Exercise was deeper, creativity more fertile and intuition more immediate and accurate. OB Gold handles his subject with practical, intelligent understanding behind the physics and economics of cannabis as well as an understanding of it's highest purpose in sacrament and honor of nature and creativity.

Let's do this with clarity and purpose and discover our potential to nurture the earth and learn from her magic! I took on the pleasure of reading OB Gold's The Hot Pot Handbook, and concur that this pocket-sized-piece of literature acts as a professional guide and one good resource for re-educating our nation on Cannabis-- The pages make for a great looking glass into the fluffy green flower for anyone curious about cannabis, whether it is for medical, or safe-adult personal-use.

The language is very appropriate for any country or state or person who pushes for progressing marijuana laws around the world. As a someone who partakes in the Civil Disobedience that is pot smoking, this book has re-enlightened me to the spirituality and meditation that comes with cannabis use. OB Gold's Hot Pot Handbook is a great handbook for beginner-smokers, the canna-curious, and the pro-toker.

The Hot Pot Handbook can be an easy one-sitting read-- great for becoming a healthier, higher, and more wallet-conscious marijuana canna-isseur. The Hot Pot Handbook is beautiful designed, created and contains valuable information with humor on the correct way to use this sacred Herb.


It has been around for eons and has been used by shamans, healers, tribes and the conman man for his aid not only in health, relief of pain but breaking down barriers of self to get to the core of ones being It is even stated in the Bible under God gave us every herb and bearing seeds: This is a great gift for insight and should be shared. Gold has done a great service to humanity by taking up this subject and making it user-friendly especially for the many people in the baby boom generation who choose marijuana for medical reasons. Times change, myths abound. I think it should be the reverse Hot Pot should NOT have Loner since it's "effectively" operated by a player and since it sucks enough as is.

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