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Rice, A. Sadeghi, R. Smith, K. Bialek, K. Agricultural pesticides in south Florida canals and Biscayne Bay. Physiological responses of carambola trees to soil water depletion. Davies, J. Phenological cycles of carambola trees are minimally affected by four levels of soil water depletion. HortTechnolog y Ojeda, M. Root and leaf ferric chelate reductase activity in pond apple and soursop.

Journal of Plant Nutritio n George, H. Schaffe r. Leaf gas exchange and water relations. Growth and mineral nutrition. Janos, D. Schaffer , M. Zekri, S. In situ water release curves for tropical fruit orchards established in trenched calcareous soil. Crane, J. Long-term impacts and recovery of perennial tropical fruit crops from hurricanes in south Florida.

Searle, P. Fisher, A. Colls and J. Schaffer , and B. S chaffer, B. Whiley and C. Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment, root restriction, photosynthesis and dry matter partitioning in subtropical and tropical fruit crops. Litz and P. Avocado shoot culture, plantlet development and net CO2 assimilation in an ambient and CO2 enhanced environment. Whiley, C. Schaffer , K. Micropropogated bananas are more susceptible to Fusarium wilt than plants from conventional breeding. Flooding responses and water-use efficiency of subtropical and tropical fruit trees in an environmentally-sensitive wetland.

Raymond, L. Brecht and J. Internal breakdown in mango fruit: symptomology and histology of jelly seed, soft nose and stem-end cavity. Brecht and E. Internal breakdown, mineral element concentration and weight of mango fruit. Searle and R. Colls and A. Citrus Leafminer Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae in lime: Assessment of leaf damage and effects on photosynthesis. Intraplant distribution and sampling of the Citrus Leafminer Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae on limes.

Ozores-Hampton, M. Hanlon, H. Effect of compost application to calcareous soil on heavy metal concentration in tomato and squash. Benscher, A. A re-examination of mango decline in Florida. Whiley and R. Hanlon, E. Ozores-Hampton and H. Basso-Figuera, C. Crane, A. Colls and H. Mannion, C. Ozores-Hampton, H. Bryan and R. Nematode population dynamics in municipal solid waste-amended soil during tomato and squash cultivation. Bryan and E. Mineral element concentrations, growth and yield of tomato and squash in calcareous soil amended with municipal solid waste materials.

Marler, T. Developmental light environment affects growth, morphology, and leaf physiology of young carambola trees. Finazzo, S.

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Larson, K. Floodwater oxygen content, lenticel hypertrophy, and ethylene evolution from mango trees. Blazques, C. Canopy measuring using a quantum sensor and fisheye photography with image analysis. Davies and C. Flooding, mineral nutrition and net gas exchange of mango trees. Valenzuela, H. Shading, growth, and dry matter partitioning of cocoyam Xanthosoma sagittifolium. Flooding-induced chemical changes in calcareous agricultural soils of South Florida. Developmental light environment and net gas exchange of cocoyam Xanthosoma sagittifolium. Ploetz and L. A simple method for quantifying light transmission through fisheye photographs.

Flooding, leaf gas exchange and growth of mango trees in containers. Shade and nitrogen influence gas exchange and growth of cocoyam Xanthosoma sagittifolium. Tankou, C. O'Hair and C. Effects of nitrogen and shading on gas exchange and growth of cassava. Pohronezny, K. Schaffer , H. Valenzuela, and M. Seasonal effects of pruning on light penetration, specific leaf density, and chlorophyll content of mango.

Net gas exchange and chlorophyll and nitrogen content of mango leaves as influenced by developmental light environment. Net gas exchange characteristics as indicators of damage thresholds for Phytophthora root rot of flooded and nonflooded avocado. Sanchez, C. Growth and yield of crisphead lettuce as affected by shade conditions.

Effects of flooding and Phytophthora root rot on net gas exchange and growth of avocado. Larson, G. Snyder, and C. Identification of mineral deficiencies associated with mango decline by DRIS. Williams, J. Ramos, and S. Effect of fruit removal on net gas exchange of avocado leaves. Litz, R. Sample size estimates for avocado yield experiments. Barden, and J. Whole plant photosynthesis and dry matter partitioning in fruiting and deblossomed day-neutral strawberry plants.

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Net photosynthesis, dark respiration, stomatal conductance, and chlorophyll content of strawberry plants as influenced fruiting. Partitioning of 14C-photosynthate in fruiting and deblossomed day-neutral strawberry plants. Bubenheim, and J. Net gas exchange of leaves on intact and excised apple shoots as influenced by vapor pressure gradient. Hawksworth, and W. The effect of dwarf mistletoe on cone and seed production of lodgepole pine. Hawksworth, and P. The effect of dwarf mistletoe on electrical resistance and vigor rating of lodgepole pine. Hawksworth, S.

Wullschleger, and C. Liu and J. Proceedings Fla. State Hort. Araujo, W. Migliaccio, D. Ferreyra, R. Defilippi, J. Saavedra, G. Robledo, M. Arpaia, D. Karlezi, J. Predictores del comportamiento en postcosecha de la palta, proveniente de diferentes condiciones de clima, suelo y manejo.

Ferreyra and Defilippi, B. Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias, Chile. Crane, B. Schaffer, and F. Leaf net CO2 assimilation and electrolyte leakage and alcohol dehydrogenase activity in roots of mamey sapote Pouteria sapota trees as affected by root zone oxygen. Proc Fla. Alcayaga and R. Electrical signal measurements in avocado trees: A potential tool for monitoring physiological response to soil water content? Migliaccio, and G. Fertilizer rates, application timing, growth, and yields of papaya plants in north central Florida.

Fassio, C. Schaffe r and M. Crane and K. Dukes, J. Evapotranspiration-based Irrigation Scheduling for Agriculture. Crane and M. Evaluation of Evapotranspiration-based irrigation contribution in a tropical fruit orchard in southern Florida. Barquin, L. Shallow water table contribution to soil-water retention in the capillary fringe of a very gravelly loam soil in South Florida.

Measurements of electrical signals in avocado trees: a potential tool for monitoring physiological response to soil water content. Response of mamey sapote Pouteria sapota trees to flooding in a very gravelly loam soil in the field. Evans, W. Montas and C. Effect of foliar-applied acids and iron sulfate on leaf ferrous iron content and leaf greenness of lychee trees. Crane, Y. Li and R. Assessing capillary rise in a field nursery considering irrigation management. Joseph, Mich. Crane and R. Evaluation of irrigation BMP in south Florida. Nutrient Management Newsletter.

Balerdi, C. Crane and B. Gutierrez and C. ISBN: Section 3C, paper , 10 pp. Effect of foliar-applied acids and ferrous sulfate on iron nutrition of avocado trees. Section 3A, paper 94, 13 pp. Section 3C, paper , 13 pp. Effectos de la deficiencia de oxigeno del suelo en paltos Persea americana Mill. Yanez, I. Honorato and R. Ferreyara Espada eds. Evans and F. Research interests in flooding responses, iron nutrition and irrigation of subtropical and tropical fruit trees.

Davenport ed. South Florida tropical fruit plant grower perspectives: water conservation management practices. South Florida ornamental plant grower perspectives: water conservation management practices. Effect of oxygen deficit in the soil on the physiology and productivity of avocado. Effect of soil water depletion on growth, yield, and fruit quailty of carambola in gravelly loam soil. Effect of adult Diaprepes weevil feeding on leaf gas exchange and growth of select ornamental plants. Effect of soil water depletion on growth, yield, and fruit quality of carambola in gravelly loam soil.

Demonstration and evaluation of South Dade Basin vegetable crop best management practices: Summer cover crops to control herbicide and fertilizer leaching. Contract Number: C Schaffer , and T. Modeling agrichemical leaching reduction by a cover crop in the agricultural area bordering to the Everglades National Park. Environmental regulation of photosynthesis — A mini-review. Munoz-Carpena, R.

Bosch, B. Joseph, MI No. Degner ed. Minkowski, K. A geographical information system for Miami-Dade County Agriculture. In: R. Appendix A. Flooding in agricultural fields in South Florida: hydrological aspects. The effects of root restriction and atmospheric CO2 enrichment on photosynthesis and growth of tropical fruit crops. Crane, F. Proceedings of the InterAmerican. Society for Hort. Li and F. Zude-Sasse, M. Zekri, M. Crane and A.

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Multi-sensor capacitance probes for monitoring soil water dynamics in tropical fruit orchards in south Florida. Knight, R. Bryan, W. Klassen and C.

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Performance of autumn-ripening red raspberries in south Florida. Sundhari, A. Hunsberger, R. Proceedings of the First International Congress of Annonaceae. University of Chapingo, Texcoco, Mexico pp. Micropropogated bananas and Fusarium wilt: What is the future for micropropogated planting material? Mango decline: Research in Florida on an apparently widespread disease complex. Crane, H. The potential of autumn-bearing red raspberries as an annual crop for Florida.

V Congreso Nacional de Frutales, Rev. Bryan, H. Sanford and M.

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Growth and yield of tomato in calcareous soil amended with municipal solid waste compost. Preliminary papaya ringspot virus evaluations on 25 cultivars and 16 papaya selections at the Tropical Research and Education Center. The environment, the urban jungle and politics versus fruit production in south Florida - with special reference to avocado.

Bryan and J. Recycled, degradable solid waste for crop and landscape use. Determination of the photosynthetic activity of fruit from set to maturity.

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Partitioning of [14C]-photosynthate in avocado trees as influenced by shoot age. Effects of age on net CO2 exchange in avocado leaves. Sergent, E. Lara and L. Effect of ethephon on mango Mangifera indica fruit quality.

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Responses of mango to flooding in South Florida. Proceedings of the IV Internat. Davenport and C. Vegetative propagation of Spanish lime and jabotacaba. Mango responses to flooding in limestone soil. Flood tolerance of Tahiti lime rootstocks in South Florida soil. Effects of flooding and Phytophthora root rot on net gas exchange of avocado in Dade County, Florida.

Influence of rootstock on flood tolerance of Tahiti lime. Ramos, J. Performance of clonal avocado rootstocks in Rockdale soil. Joyner, M. Flood tolerance of 'Golden Star' carambola trees. Effect of irrigation on growth and yield of mango. Schaffer , L. Evaluation of stomatal closing agents and antitranspirants as methods for reducing the rate of bacterial spot development. Report of Tomato Research. Effects of flooding and Phytophthora root rot on photosynthesis of avocado.

Photosynthesis and tree spacing. South Florida Growers Advocate , March, p. Lara, and D. Effect of avocado brown mite feeding on net photosynthesis, transpiration, and stomatal conductance of potted avocado trees. Dwarf Mistletoe. Colorado State Univ. Extension Serv. Newsletter , The Informant 2 11 , 4 pp. Published Abstracts Razzak, M. Yuhong and L. Vincent,, D. A method for rapid quantification of root hair density in situ.

Koryzma-Zepp, J. Electrical potentials in 'W. Murcott' tangor trees in response to salnitiy stress. Ploetz, A. Konkol and J. Laurel wilt differentially affects xylem sap flow of three avocado cultivars. Sanhueza, S. Salvatierra, S.

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  • Inch, A. Campbell and R. Physiological impacts of laurel wilt on avocado. Phytophathology 6 Supplement Abstract. Harman-Fetcho, C. Examining the fate and transport of alpha- and beta-endosulfan in the atmosphere of South Florida. G il, P. Minoletti and R. Navarro, Electrical signals in walnut trees in relation to soil water content and vapor pressure deficit.

    Electrical responses of walnut trees to periods of light and darkness. Munoz-Carpena, B. Schaffer, Y. Li, and T. Predicting water table response to fluctuations in canal stage in farmlands east of Canal in southern Florida. McConnell, J. Endosulfan wet deposition in southern Florida. Predicting water table elevation response to proposed operational adjustments in C canal stage in farmlands east of Canal in southern Florida.

    Myrtacea ]. Nguyen, C. Li, J. Snyder, R. Atmospheric contributions of endosulfan to South Florida ecosystems. Efeitos do alagamento de mundancas no ambiente de luz no desempenho fotossintetico de Eugenia uniflora L. Manaus, Brazil, Sept. Chung, N. Abstract Evans and R. Evaluating nutrient and irrigation management practices in an avocado orchard. February Louis, Missouri. Coleoptera: Curculionidae on four woody ornamental plant species. Liu, G. Li, R. Roberts, Y. Wan and M. Differences in tolerance of bald cypress and pond apple to salinity and flooding.

    Wan, R. Roberts, M. Dixon, G. Vegetable brassicas and related crucifers. Crop Production Science in Horticulture ; No Elzebroek, T. Guide to cultivated plants. Heuvelink, E. Janick, J. The encyclopedia of fruits and nuts. Mahgoub, O. Goat meat production and quality. Nuthall, P. Farm business management: the core skills. Paull, R. Tropical fruits.

    Volume 1. Pena, J. Potential invasive pests of agricultural crops. Robinson, J. Bananas and plantains.