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I believe our city has lost sight of its critical role. Like a classroom in which students have access to the latest technologies yet struggle to read and write, we have become too caught up in what makes headlines.

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Much too absorbed in what sounds good politically or what meets the demands of one group or another, our city is failing to do the basics. We are failing to provide the services that only the city can provide to residents. Focusing on mastering the basics is not easy. With leaders willing to stand up as advocates for mastering essential city services, I believe we can improve all our neighborhoods, build trust in our city, and benefit all residents. If elected, I commit to going back to the basics.

To rebuild cities, get back to basics

I commit to being a voice on the city council that focuses on making sure we do the necessary work of a city every day. I will ensure that we serve all parts of the city equitably. I will fight to ensure all neighborhoods receive the services that they pay for and expect from the city of Tacoma.

My work will not be about making headlines but making an impact. My work will not be about politics, but about serving the people.