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You can teach your kids all about hunting and fishing and have a great time while doing it. Consider discussing these 6 topics to with your kids— when they are mentally ready. Children are creatures of habit, a small disruption in their routine can often throw them, and their parents, into a tailspin. Scheduling and consistency is important, but making sure your children are able to adapt to different situations will help them is a disaster turns their world upside down.

When they reach an age where they can better understand, explaining examples and showing the importance of being able to easily adapt to certain situations will help your children manage whatever if thrown at them. Teach them how to use the items in their bug out bags too, make sure they have the tools and knowledge both to adapt to their surroundings. Teaching your kids this important difference could save their life or their supplies in a situation down the road.


Kids have a hard time making decisions— just try and ask one what they want to eat for lunch sometime, but in a survival situation there is no time to waiver. Teach your kids about solid decision making, and how dangerous flip flopping can be in a disaster scenario. As sad as it is, you need to prepare your children for the possibility that you may not be there to take care of them. This comes when you children reach a certain level of emotional maturity that they understand they do have the ability to be self-sufficient and take care of themselves if it comes to it. This is a great place to interject another text, there are many teen survival readings that feature a character that is alone, but surviving.

You may consider something like Swiss Family Robinson for the younger kids too. Filling your children with images of people who can and will make it no matter what, teaches your kids to fight, rather than flight, when the important time comes.

Talking to Your Kids About TEOTWAWKI

Depending on the situation, priorities could be the difference between life and death. Make sure they understand what it takes to survive and how to choose the most important tasks first. At some point though, the necessity to fight could become very real, and you need to prepare your children to avoid hesitations in self-defense.

When they are old enough I would give them actual self-defense tools too.

How Will You Contribute To A TEOTWAWKI Colony?

Preparing your child for whatever may happen is a large proposition. With a strong mind, your child will be more prepared and more safe no matter what comes their way.

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Welcome and thanks for visiting! Preppers are motivated by external events to protect their internal interests. The simple act of prepping means you have hope. When I talk about prepping for some event, those Eeyores will say how I have some pessimistic view of the future. Prepping is all about believing that you can make it through. Prepping shows that you have hope that the skills and steps you are making now will help you later. Will anything bad happen like the global economic depression I mentioned or wars, famine or disease?

I honestly hope they do not, but I am going to prep like they are.

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My family deserves that and they are my motivation and hope. Great post. However I should know better considering all the times you have said you would rather die wrong about prepping old and happy, then live through shtf unprepared….. I am also concerned about this possibility.

I myself am a young and low budget prepper, and I see this problem myself in my peers. They also seem to think daddy government is going to take care of them. Yes, I figured that would trip up a couple of people. Its all in the inflection and how you read the title. Glad you see this too only from the standpoint that I must not be the only one.

I think that can change over time, but I am afraid of what would be necessary for that to happen. But I got over it LOL. She did the same thing practically that I am talking about. She gave up. Maybe if you were alone and trapped and injured I could see something like that being easier to do but she had a son and a husband. When speaking of my stored foods, supplies, etc. Well, you will!!! So I am not the only one this happens to… Sad, but I think a lot of people will change their mind when it comes down to it.

I think you are right on younger people, but most of the people I hear this from are older.

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  • Talking to Your Kids About TEOTWAWKI.

They could have the same root cause, but I just think it is a hopeless society we are living in. In the Southern more […]. Something you are sure to need if the grid goes down for very long. You must review your priorities. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to maintain this sense of optimism through the worst of […]. Mental well-being is crucial to moral.

Why You Should Want To Live Through TEOTWAWKI

Many people who are so attached to the grid will become depressed. Having the simplest creature comforts to keep your family going will be […]. When kids start playing soccer, they are not allowed to keep score. No need to do your best, no need to strive for the brass ring.

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Same thing with people who want to move out of the U. Put on your big girl panties folks; time to butch up. Who is going to be happy with that? Mental stress alone will contribute to weight loss. In […].

The want to succeed, to thrive, to overcome obstacles. Preppers and prepping is about hope even when the events we seem to fear would lead many to feel hopeless. I believe that there is a […]. Give […]. I will create and the goodness I want in […]. And exotic grains are expensive. At least for now, wheat is very […]. I wont lie most likely do look forward to a disaster. What I want is a ten-year supply for two people.

For me trying to survive a nuclear war and resultant nuclear winter is worth the attempt. That should cover most SHTF scenarios. Age does create differences, I too have attitudes regarding some of the younger people as to the back bone or durability factor. I have lived thru things most people would have not choose to.