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He hates the thought of leaving his buddies and ex so much, he accepts a demotion to senior detective to stay. So Jake is now basically a co-worker, which should change the dynamic in the squad room a bit. He actually came off pretty well this week, handling the case professionally, moreso than his new boss.

And he had the opportunity to maybe get his old job back by using some dirt one of her ex employees gave him on Queenie, but he took the high road and kept his mouth shut. So Jake comported himself well this week. VS: Once again, they make me feel bad for Jake. I mean, the man was shot being a hero. And even so, QOD is disgraced in the department. I doubt Jake would have to tell anyone in order to use it for leverage, since it must be common knowledge. It seems unrealistic she would be able to wield more power than Jake. I like that they both respect each other when it comes right down to it.

Jake can both hold his own against Laura while also letting her do her thing. He also tries to keep her from saying the wrong thing to QOD, with limited success. Nary a mention of Food Truck Tony this week, unfortunately. It involved a kidnapped kid who was diabetic and needed his insulin. It also showed a soft side of Laura. It was discovered during the investigation the kid was illegally adopted. As the detectives dug deeper, they found out both of his natural parents were dead and even though his folks bought him through a broker, Laura was adamant there would be no point in breaking up the family.

Besides, Billy and Bitchface posed as a couple wanting to adopt and brought down the baby brokers, so there was a happy ending. I wonder, can we still call her Bitchface? The new captain is more of a BF than Meredith at this point, but old nicknames die hard. The moniker can stand until we see for sure BF is gone. And I love how QOD totally blew the money drop and still managed to act superior. LT: That was quite ballsy, in a negative way. I know Laura was encouraging Jake to spill the beans about her, but someone needs to take her down about five pegs. Queenie know that Laura always makes the right decisions on the job?

I know, right? They probably need to make Laura flub up a bit, because sometimes the sanctimoniousness of always being right gets a little grating. She also gave a nod to Laura at the end. Should be an interesting dynamic. Queenie has been in several more episodes now and is probably a total sweetheart by this point.

She respects all of the detectives and appreciates the good job they do. Until then, I stand with Laura and Maxi Pad. Exsanguinate — to drain blood from. My computer appears rather mixed up. He and Debra Messing have many scenes with just the two of them together, and their chemistry is still very much evident. Jake is insufferable this week.

LT: Good point. Every week. A sleeping woman is awakened by a fly. She gets up and is finally able to squash it, but someone grabs her from behind and cuts her throat. Thanks, show. V: What the heck, show? Stop that! You know I watch you for my lighthearted entertainment and to make fun of douchey Jake while I drool over Hot! Tone down the arterial spray. LT: Laura and Billy are at the crime scene. Jump him already, BF! LT: There are no signs of a break-in, so Laura says Emma must have known her killer.

In the next room we see said ex, speaking like an arrogant jerk to one of the cops. Laura and Billy walk in, and when Laura sees the jerky guy, she freezes. Billy asks if she knows this jackass, and she answers that she almost married this jackass. Hello, Eric! Stay awhile. Put up your feet. Eric has a distinctive voice, especially when his character gets all high and mighty.

But the look he gives her when he turns around is pure love and devotion. She said nothing on the entire ride back to the station, which is a first, given what a chatterbox she is. She has to have outside coffee? Apparently so. Oh come on BF, just jump him, already. V: You can cut the sexual tension with a knife.

LT: Then they discuss the case a bit and wonder if Jake knows. He appears and asks if he knows what, but they clam up. LT: Laura questions Andrew, who looks a lot like Will Truman but has none of his endearing qualities. He says he met Emma ten years ago. Since he and Laura broke up, Andrew has become a very rich and successful surgeon. Drug-eluting stents are coated with medication that is slowly released eluted to help prevent the growth of scar tissue in the artery lining.

Step up your game. But at least you have actual chemistry with her. They could reduce the obnoxious things coming out of your mouth. LT: He says Emma had called him to come over. When there was no answer, he let himself in with his key. V: So she calls him to come over then goes to sleep? Did she call him to take care of that fly? Anyway, after he mentions how he let himself in, Laura kind of bitterly says that ex-husbands need to return their keys when they leave. LT: This prompts him to ask Laura if her ex gave his back. She asks when he found out about her divorce, and he says she just told him.

Andy really has you off your game. V: She informs him she married another cop and has two totally obnoxious and thankfully not seen for several episodes twin boys. I might have added some of that. Andy gets jealous. Emma cleaned him out in the divorce and was involved with an ex-con rehab charity called Heart of the Hood. LT: Jake walks in. Great, a pissing contest between two preening, obnoxious males.

Laura tells Andrew not to leave town. Max is on the street, talking to his mother on his cell phone. Frankie walks up, and he tells her his great aunt has died. I do like that he said it out loud, though. These two are going to be BFF in, like, three minutes. LT: Frankie babbles that she guessed about the gay thing, due to the sweater vests and bedazzling.

V: I knew you would! LT: But he confirms that the closet door has been open ever since he wanted to be Mariah Carey for Halloween three years straight. And I bet he was gorgeous. His family is very accepting; in fact, his mother would like nothing more than to throw him a big, fabulous gay wedding. V: Me, too. He asks if Andrew is the guy whose photos she kept hidden from him when they were married. She says she was hiding all the bad nineties fashions, not the guy. V: And she says this as she wears a plaid button down over a shirt. Imagine Andrew in a leisure suit and mullet.

He clearly thinks Andrew is guilty, simply by virtue of asking Laura to marry him before Jake did, no doubt. Do not pair those two up, Jake. There will be blood. LT: However, he does. He stalks away. As they go to leave, Frankie bubbles about what a great team they make, and BF pretty much tells her to stuff a cork in it. V: Seriously. Not to mention, BF is not with her future bunkmate.

She busted him for manslaughter. He comes toward them, and Frankie puts her hand over her gun, but the guy gives BF a hug. He says prison straightened him out, and things are going well now. He says to call him Big Happy. As she said, Frankie, dial it down. BF will wind up killing you. She is not in the mood for you and your sunshiny ways. LT: Frankie says he can repay them by telling them what he knows about Emma, and he says the week before, a guy named Tank threatened her.

Frankie asks if she can do the honors, and BF tells her to go crazy. But when Frankie identifies herself, he throws a big bag of flour at her and takes off. BF chases and tackles him. V: So, BF gets a hug, and Frankie gets a bag of flour thrown at her. LT: Tank tells BF and Frankie he was pissed at Emma because she broke a promise to pay for new ovens for the pastry shop.

First of all, Big Happy just got finished saying how rehabilitated he was. He was baking bread when they found him. Even Frankie gives her the side-eye. He adds that he has an alibi. He was up all night at the shop, baking. Oh, Frankie. He was in the pastry part of the shop actually baking when you found him. A bridezilla made them pull an all-nighter. V: Back at the station, as bridezilla leaves her interview, Laura says she agrees that lemon custard would have been a travesty. Not every day but close.

All references are welcome, if it means they stay out of sight. Laura laughs at the ridiculousness of aura therapy. And wait. As in current? Stop flirting with BF until you break up with boho! LT: Then he asks her how she and Andrew met. Laura says she fractured her ankle playing beer dodgeball, and he was on call in the ER. She says they were wrong for each other from the start, but Billy notes how he was flirting with her, so he must not think so.

Billy points out how Jake put the kibosh on her continuing with the case and to let Frankie and BF handle it, but did we really think Laura would just lie down and let Jake tell her what to do? Frankie and BF can check out the Aura Therapy. Unlike Jake, Billy knows not to argue. LT: Max is scrolling through hot guys on his tablet, trying to find a funeral date. V: I am tickled that Billy offered his services. One, it shows how much he cares for Max. Two, Billy was totally fine with a bunch of people thinking he was gay. Of course Max wants marriage, and all other kinds of equality, for himself as a gay man.

He just has to look at the relationships of all the divorced folk around him to see that. An interesting process to see played out on a network show. Hope to see it more often. Oh, the dangers of the straight world! He has her stand in front of a computer screen that shows her surrounded by orange, which he says means her aura is low and offers an immediate aura massage. LT: BF has seen and heard quite enough, and she speaks to Sanjay in Hindi, something she says her grandmother used to say.

He smiles and says her grandma was a wise woman. That makes BF get out her handcuffs, because she just basically called him a filthy liar. She cuffs him. Wow, that was a quick arrest. BF, so what do I know? V: Can they just arrest someone on evidence that flimsy? LT: Another reason this is a hasty arrest. Meanwhile, Laura goes to see Andrew at his beautiful office, which is bigger than many Manhattan apartments. She walks around, looks over his desk, then opens what she thinks is a closet. V: She said Andrew would be right with her and that he was just finishing his workout.

Or at least notify his assistant to give him a heads up. A knock on that door, perhaps? Laura also sniffed his clothes that were sitting on the couch and discovered he still uses the same cologne. Is he in the market for another ex? Upon her death, her estate now goes to charity. Laura tells Andrew about the checks Emma had written and asks what her money problems were. V: Is this the same woman Jake was able to cheat on multiple times? LT: But he says their marriage was never good in the first place, they never really connected.

Laura says they must have, since he cared enough to propose to her. LT: He reminds her that his proposal to Laura was storybook on bended knee by the Brooklyn Bridge, but she reminds him that he dropped the ring. He says he never gave Emma a ring but a cheap necklace she liked, and she started telling everyone they were engaged. Before long, they were married.

It kind of took place before he knew what was happening. So Andrew gets decisive and asks her to dinner. Laura turning down free food at a fancy restaurant? FoodTruckTony, she has no more need for fancy restaurants. Maybe if she would have brought up FTT about ten thousand years ago, Andy would leave her alone. V: Well, they had been engaged. And his clothes were there in the office where Laura was snooping around. It was either get dressed in front of her or stand there in his boxer-briefs.

He switched accents and personas pretty well. BF interrupts this spiritual talk. She accuses Brian of killing Emma, but his alibi is that he was on a different astral plane, meditating. His spirit animal can confirm that. It was toxic from fear. Someone was threatening her, and he figures it was her ex. She mentioned to him that she got married during a thunderstorm, which is a bad omen.

She thinks that adds up to him being guilty. He tells Max to be on the lookout for the colors purple and green, because a handsome stranger will come into his life and solve his problems. That rattles Max a bit. By the time this episode is over, there will be so many red herrings it would make a great bucket of chum. Max looked hopeful for a second and says he thought for a moment bizarre swami premonitions really do come true.

She says he can make it up to her by taking her out to dinner. She gets up to get her coat. Uh, Andrew? V: I was surprised by his restraint. FTT has been nothing but nice to Jake and has gotten shoved as a thank you. She claims her only emotion is hunger. LT: Andrew reels off a list of snooty dinner options, but Laura wants to take him to her favorite haunt. I would have let him buy me a nice expensive meal, but I guess she was more comfortable on her own turf. He has no respect for people who would eat horrible, greasy food like this on a regular basis. Will Truman always looked great, and EM has obviously looked after himself well since that show ended.

Very impressive effort for a fifty-one-year-old. Her father had been indicted for embezzlement and disbarred, but he says no matter, she walked out on the engagement. He could have helped her through that tough time, but she ran off to California for six months. V: A flight attendant who taught aerobics on the side. Laura knows how to pick them. Stick with FTT! Bottom line, they were both young and stupid. He gets up to play darts, and she joins him. She tells him to burn it.

LT: She throws a dart that goes nowhere near the dart board, so he helps her throw. V: OMG. She kind of pushes him into a chair and gets in his face. She was a saint, her worst vice was Pilates. That makes him remember that the instructor, Richard, trained her at home and had a key to her place. Did Emma just go handing her key to random strangers? Laura asks why she even bothered to have a lock on the door.

V: My thoughts as well. Especially since she was rich and probably had some nice stuff. A rich woman who lives alone handing out her key to everyone? No wonder she got killed. LT: The next day, Laura walks into the squad room and tells Jake that Pilates guy is kind of shady and filed for bankruptcy three times. Is there anyone Connie does think should be investigated? Why, yes, now that you ask, Andrew is guilty as hell. She says Emma told her that if anything ever happens to her, Connie should tell the police that Andrew killed her.

LT: Frankie and Jake speak with Connie, who expectedly says that she and Andrew never liked each other. He thought she was just some cheap Vegas bimbo. She always hated him but kept her mouth shut in the interest of family harmony, until Emma wised up. LT: The breakup happened when Andrew, who Connie says always had a temper, started getting violent.

Well, some people are picky about their wine. V: Jake, with steel balls, makes tsk-tsk noises. LT: Emma filed for divorce. Connie says Andrew took Emma leaving him badly and went berserk. Emma was upset and thought Andrew was spying on her. He was furious that twenty-five percent of his income went to alimony. Connie goes on and on about how bad Andrew is. V: Heh. That would be Iron Man 3. I paid to see it, so…. He uses his money and power to crush people. Except Tony stark uses his to crush bad guys. LT: Laura and Jake discuss the case in his office. Jake is more of a tool than usual in this episode.

Laura seems to be handling the investigation just fine. In real life, this would never fly. LT: Laura speaks with the cleaning lady, Olga, who confirms that Andrew was in his office the night of the murder. Then she gushes about what a great guy he is. She talks a bit about her dad and how she promised to make him her special fudge, and Laura asks to see a photo. The very picture of the kind of person Andrew said earlier that he has no respect for.

He says he must be destined to die alone. Max just tells straighty to get him another appletini. But bartender says Max has him all wrong about the straight stuff. Max is surprised and says his gaydar must be on the fritz. Bartender smiles at him, and Max suddenly notices the purple and green bar lights the guy is bathed in.

Just like Bri the swami said! GO MAX! You get you some hot bartender! You can double date with Laura and HOT! It will be hotness overload. LT: Laura is in the interrogation room with Andrew again. She tells him Olga is lying and asks him point blank if he killed Emma? He says no, and his alibi is fine. Andrew backs off and says he can explain. He was getting a massage and not one of the aural variety. His had a happy ending. Oh, THIS she knows, but was unfamiliar with different names for pot a couple of episodes ago? LT: He says even when he was married, it was never very good with Emma.

Not like it was with Laura. Again with the flirting. Laura asks for a phone number of the massage place. He again tells her to back off. Ho hum. But this has to stop. It makes Jake look even more impotent than he already does. LT: Frankie and BF go to the massage place. The look BF gives her! LT: Frankie starts to babble, and BF badges the babe, who immediately looks nervous. She says she went to see him at midnight the night before and stayed for a couple of hours.

I was wondering the same. I thought it was weird how she says a client is coming. Like, she had no idea at first they were about to question her about a murder. BF also asks for a receipt. LT: BF thanks her and says she and her hand have been very helpful.

As they leave, they run into Renaldo on his way in. Yes, the dancing ME Renaldo. Cause, you know, sciatica. LT: More interrogation. Laura asks Andrew why he never mentioned his boat. Billy and Jake watch through the glass, and Jake bleats again about pulling Laura from the case. Like, a hundred times.

He says Laura can break Andrew. He just needs to trust her. V: Billy is my hero. Even he can tell Jake is the one whose emotions are compromised. He says Andrew had a regular visitor. Except for the other night, when he saw a leggy blond there. Inside, Frankie and BF find the boat fully stocked with food and drink. The whole thing certainly makes Andrew look guilty, and they sympathize with Laura. In a cabinet, Frankie finds a bloody knife. V: Nothing looks staged at all. Nobody brings this up. She says Laura put the cuffs on her old boss, and if it came down to it, Laura would do the same to Andy.

LT: At the station, Renaldo the dancing sciatica hand-job ME says the knife is a match for the murder weapon. BF notes that as a surgeon, Andrew has access to latex gloves. Jake says he had motive and opportunity. Jake looks smug. V: With a tool on top. BF mentions how Brian talked about the bad omen and the thunderstorm. LT: Laura goes back to the holding room and tells Andrew about all the incriminating evidence.

She says the alimony is a pretty good motive. Then he grabs and kisses her. Then she brings up the thunderstorm during the wedding thing and how he should have paid attention to the omen. Laura suggests that maybe Emma got married again. He says no, because if she had, he would have been off the hook for alimony, and he never was. V: Did you hear that? Wow, I cannot believe how they worked in the thunderstorm. Connie walks in and is quite pissed. V: Especially when Big Happy helps a woman carry out an original Andy Warhol silkscreen Laura just sold a woman for forty bucks. Ah, maybe Laura is lying to her.

Connie was a witness. There was a rare thunderstorm in Vegas that night. Connie says the marriage was annulled the next day. LT: Laura says it still would have voided the divorce settlement if Andrew found out. Then Iron Man 3 comes up. Laura checked with the airline, and the movie is only shown on westbound flights. Connie was coming back from New York after killing Emma when she saw it.

She was also seen on airport security video, and she was the leggy blond the harbormaster saw. She planted the knife on the boat. And she was wearing heels that would make her the right height. Killer heels, Laura says. Did she think wearing heels would make her more stealthy? Billy asks if Jake intends to apologize to Laura. He was their best suspect, and Jake had every reason to think he was guilty. SUCH a tool. Billy says Laura never thought he was a killer and kept digging until she proved it.

Did I say tool yet? Yeah, I think I covered that. If Laura ever goes back to this creep, I will reach through the TV and shake her. That just seems wrong. LT: That night, Laura is relaxing around her incredibly messy home when the doorbell rings. As he says this, a football goes flying across the room and hits him square in the nose. It totally reminds me of Marcia on the Brady Bunch. LT: Laura sends her brats upstairs. Tell them to apologize, Laura! Set those little hooligans straight for once, would ya? V: I guess it was too good to be true. At least we only saw them for a moment.

And of course that moment included them being obnoxious, hurting someone, and not apologizing for it. He smiles and says insanity suits her, and she tells him the case is over and he can stop acting so nice. He says this has made him see what a mess his life is. It seems his views have changed, as he now wants to treat people who need his help. LT: She thinks it was being accused of murder, but he says seeing her made him remember the man he used to be.

Gosh, Laura. Save some of that for Jake. This one has seen the error of his ways and wants to be a better man. Jake is content to wallow in tool-ness. Andrew says he loves her and calls her twins adorable. LT: He gets up to go. They kiss sweetly, and he leaves. And so ends another mystery. Our detectives unite around a common cause this week, which is their animosity for an outsider. And that may be in danger, as the outsider seems to want to break up their happy, dysfunctional family.

How will they deal with that? As we open, some kids are doing some decidedly dangerous bike riding in the park. But apparently not as dangerous as what some babe had been doing recently, as the kids come across the body of a young woman. She could have been simply communing with nature when some psycho decided to kill her. Freaking scary-looking Joker-faced clown in full uniform, complete with a pink tulle collar. And I liked her first guess better, when she was hoping it was someone with the last name Hemsworth. Hey, Thor, go ahead and bring that hammer down on Jake.

Must be that bitchy face. Maybe if she said it in a serious tone, they would believe her. Anyway, rather than take the squad into his office and brief them quietly, Jake chooses to announce the whole sordid affair, if you will, out in the open. I think we know her views on cute, perky blondes. Frankie recognizes her as Det. Diamond and says the questioning will start with her. LT: But that will have to be put on hold, as Max informs Laura of the body in the park, and Jake puts her on the case.

The dancing ME, makes perfect sense. He says the body has a bullet in the head and a bite mark on the chest. There was a purse found near the body, which Laura gets all excited over. More importantly, we find out Laura owns an Egg Genie. V: BF made it sound like she really thought Laura was serious when she said they were going to Brazil.

LT: When they go up to the desk, BF identifies herself and shows the guy the photo and asks for information. The guy brushes her off and talks bureaucracy then attempts to give her mountains of paperwork to fill out. He takes the bait and talks about what a huge Knightrider fan he is. He got his ass kissed sufficiently and does it. Frankie then knocks and enters. She gives Jake a form to sign that gives her permission to speak with everyone. She mentions possible personnel changes, that someone might have to be transferred, but only if she finds something improper.

V: She says the downtown brass are real sticklers and tells a heartwarming story about a remote-controlled puppy-dog trashcan that woofed. Apparently not regulation. As she leaves, Jake hides a lovely family pic with Laura and the adorable moppets that must have been taken during happier times.

It was sitting on his desk. Jake, give it up. I might like you better. LT: Yeah, that was weird. Food Truck Tony calls and asks about a date that night, but Laura tells him she has to work late. V: Okay, one, he was wearing a knit cap. And three, after he offers to come there, she says she wants to keep their relaysh on the DL.

Now, I have to ask why. The dude is smoking hot and wonderful. Why hide him away? Show off your good fortune! LT: As she gets off the phone, a woman walks by, and they show her a picture of Viviana. At the station, the mom tells Laura her ex-husband, Roger, must be involved. She kicked him out for being a bad influence on their autistic son, Tucker. Roger is a heroin addict, which is indeed not a good influence. She mentions how Tucker had started imitating daddy by pretending to give himself an injection. So Roger was shooting up in front of the kid?

And I thought Jake was a tool. The woman tells her to check with a loser friend of his, Beno. Sometimes Roger crashes at his photography studio. V: Dang. I liked the mom. I thought the actress did a good job of displaying fear and panic without being a screaming mess. She knew it was important to convey the information, so they could start looking for her son. LT: Frankie decides to begin her interviews with Max. By the time the interview is over, Frankie knows all about how Max had been working there for free for many months and only officially joined the squad six weeks ago.

And all about being traded for an espresso machine. Suffice to say that if Max knew the launch codes, nuclear war would have broken out before the end of the day. V: That was great. Yeah, Max has the Lloyd Dobler babble condition. Billy hears a noise from the next room and checks it out. BF takes a picture of it. She even smiles. LT: But Billy is more interested in a backpack hanging on the door with the name Tucker on it.

As Billy and BF get on the bus to check things out, a man with a little kid tries to quietly get off, and Billy grabs him.

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BF questions Roger and says he might kill Viv to get back custody of his son. How would getting the nanny out of the way lead to him regaining custody, exactly? He sometimes takes pictures. You know, just to be close to the kid. Today, nobody picked Tucker up, so he did. V: I also like this mom for another reason. She was just a worried mom. Good choice.

LT: And she certainly had grounds to trash talk him, given that heroin habit and all. It was attached to her keys. The clunky way they keep making Laura get to the next clue…stoppit.

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LT: BF goes to check it out. LT: Billy is being interviewed by Frankie. She asks if he can be honest about Laura and Jake, and he says yes, while drumming his fingers on the table. She appears smart and personable. On it is a full calendar; looks like Viv had three dates every week. V: That second one, judging by the Costco-amount of wrappers she had in her gym bag.

A Day in the Life Lauren Atwill by Sheila York

LT: She often texted someone named Sophie, including this morning, with a request to meet in the park at , which is around the time she was killed. Do they not have some kind of technical expert besides BF? Does it strike nobody as odd that the game crashes? Perhaps get someone who can do more than open up the game a bunch of times, which is all BF would have done to figure this out. Anyone could have done that. They tell her Viv was killed that morning. The woman is in the country on a work visa. Two cops are coming to visit her. Laura asks if they met through the au pair agency or the escort service, and Sophie plays dumb.

Billy says a prostitution charge would void a work visa, but that makes Sophie all crazy. Uh uh. No way she could keep her hands offa that. When the proper code is entered, a variety of ladies of the evening pop up. V: Now, who would have figured that out? Someone whose technical knowledge goes beyond gamer. I also noticed the nanny took not one step toward the crying child. She says the service is the brainchild of Charlotte Bernice, graduate of the London School of Economics way to put that diploma to use, babe!

At the end of every month, the app provides an address to a private party with a code to get in. Laura says Sophie mentioned that at the last party she saw Viv and Charlotte fighting. Laura says Charlotte is smart, so they need to catch her red-handed. But Laura has a plan. That plan involves Billy going to the party undercover. The guy cleans up very nicely. V: Second week in a row Billy has had to look like a rich dude. Though I prefer this suit. Looking gooood Billy. What is that, Google Glass? V: This is proof there are techie people somewhere on the staff who provided said glasses.

They would have gotten to that app problem a lot sooner. Laura says they should have someone there to talk to the ladies while Billy is busy with Charlotte. BF says the place will be like the United Nations of models, with women there from twelve different countries. That leads Max to pipe up in several different languages. LT: Frankie walks in and overhears, then wonders why an investigative assistant is getting field work. V: Here was the only time I was unsure about the character. BF puts Frankie in her place when she explains about all of the uniformed officers who will be there.

Even Billy. Who looks even hotter in the glasses.

The Reality of Truth

Got off-track there for a sec. She wants to pull Laura away from a case in progress for this crap? Unprofessional, if you ask me. I guess Frankie missed the part where a whole operation is about to go down. V: Poor Max. Just like with BF, he tries to bond with Billy and wants a secret handshake or whistle. Indeed, he demonstrates the whistle, which sounds more like a birdcall. Only Billy has peeled off. Predictability, thy name is Billy. BF tells him to move it along. LT: Of course, a bunch of women immediately gravitate toward Max.

He starts talking to them in Italian and asks about Viv and Charlotte. They get rather handsy. Max keeps trying to keep them away, and Laura sends Billy to rescue him.

For those who watch too much TV, we salute you

V: We get a Max-eye view of them attempting to reach for his junk. Intelligent, competent Max is pretty awesome. This entertaining story certainly filled the bill. Protagonist Sam Washington owns a bookstore. There are a lot of complications planning a wedding in such a short time. Her ideas are not what the bride-to-be wants. In all three cases it takes most of the book for the bride to step up to the plate and object. Sam is also an author. She writes her English historical mystery throughout this book. The character dynamics is written with humor and wit, thus making this series particularly enjoyable.

It moves along nicely with fairly smooth writing. I agree with Danna, I much prefer mysteries that are around pages. To justify the price? She was an American who lived in Britain and wrote British cozies. I particularly like her Trixie and Evangeline series former movie stars from the golden age who relocate to England and get involved with murder very fun and VERY British. I think one reason books have so many pages these days is that the print is larger than it used to be. Very funny. She inherited a home that belonged to her deceased ex husband.

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Naturally trouble is on the menu. There were interesting twists and look forward to the second one. I also just finished book 2 in Paige Shelton series. Danna is spot on, I would love to visit the Cracked Spine in Scotland. OH…and the recipes in the back sound really good.

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I have read just the first two. I rotate my reading so as not to deplete a series too soon! Theodosia is a nice character as they all are at the shop. The character interaction is good. Once you have a good set of people, you follow them confidently in the story lines. Happy reading!

Bek, Next up for me in this series is Chamomile Morning. I read these in wave of 2, 3 or 4 in a row and then jump to something else. Recently I have been in a period of reading straight through a series, so I am mostly sticking to series under 10 books. I do take a break between series and read stand-alone, non-cozies just to clear my palate, as it were.

I loved the whole Witch mystery series by Julia Blackwell. I enjoy the characters. They have become my friends. Different story line for me. Just waiting till June 25 for the next one to come out. Me, too! I loved this series. It has a permanent place on my shelves. I also read this book this month but forgot to include it in my recommendations. I love this series. Elly Griffiths writes in such a fluid style that despite the books length, you can read it quickly.

She is able to convey the setting and atmosphere so clearly that you feel like you are on the saltmarsh. Great characters and very interesting plots. Obviously, the first one sucked me in and I just gobbled them up. I really like Darcy and her sister Harper. I like that even some characters that an not very nice are portrayed as complex individuals with good and bad qualities.

I also liked that though the clues were usually there, I did not figure out who did it until the end. In this one it is class reunion time and Mel really does not want to go because of the bullying she experienced in school. The killer is someone completely unexpected and the one everyone thinks it a bad guy turns out to be a pretty decent person. I was a good month and I have read 20 books so far yea for retirement , many of which are from authors I have only recently started reading, like Paige Shelton, Rose Pressey and Claire Donally.

I just finished reading the newest book in one of my favorite series — Something Borrowed, Something Mewed by Bethany Blake. The groom and a few of his family members are suspects. At the same time, Daphne and Jonathan are trying to figure out their relationship as he is facing a career change. The ending was a surprise. Mel, Angie, and Tate attend their high school reunion and as anyone who reads cozies knows, these parties never turn out well. Murder on Trinity Place by Victoria Thompson was another very interesting book in this series.

I read two series this month that I enjoyed very much! The first is translated from Swedish and is very spare and cool, but not nearly as much the Wallendar books. Not as gloomy and depressed. The setting is the Stockholm Archipelago, and it is beautifully described! Makes me want to vacation there! The core characters are interesting and complex. It took me a few books to warm up to them, though the setting had me right from the start. The Josiah Reynolds books are degrees different.

Kentucky Bluegrass, beekeeping, horses, food! All very cozy. The characters populating these novels have very real and debilitating issues. These books are hilarious! Sly, witty dialogue. Old movie quotes. Large, changing cast of supporting players. Lots of fun! Susy, It looks like we might just confuse a few people.

Susie or Suzy yes. None disappointed. They were:. Annoying, but luckily I have two stores nearby. It certainly limits the sales. Kensington is. You brought it to our attention, Virginia. Seems kind of dumb to me. BUT maybe someone else knows how this benefits the author. I really enjoy all three of these authors. However, I do enjoy all three of her current series.

Back in the day, I frequented Newport and was always in awe. All of these series are good. None of these disappointed! Mitzi, I have real all but the Lila Dare books and like you, enjoyed them all. I especially like the Cupcake Bakery series by Jenn McKinlay, in part because it is set in Scottsdale, a suburb of Phoenix — my home town.

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