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Much to my surprise, when she got out of her truck she grabbed me by the arm and led me toward her house! I tried to pull back, and yelled at her to let go, but the old biddy had a grip of steel, and after a week of being a teenager I knew better than to haul off and let her have it.

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In her kitchen, she put this horrible stuff called Mercurochrome right on the scrape on my knee. It burned like fire, and I scream bloody murder! Then she lets me wash it at the sink while she picks up the phone and calls Aunt Betty. Well Mrs. Crabapple says that I was "nearly killed" and makes it sound like I'm on life support. I asked to talk to my aunt, to set her straight, but as soon as she heard that I was injured Aunt Betty dropped the phone to race home.

I cleaned the cut on my knee and after more Mercurochrome argh! Crabapple had that looked to be years old. All the while the gnarly old bitch is smiling at me, whispering, "You're going to get it good, you little brat. Right across that tight little fanny of yours. And I have a piece of ginger in the fridge with your name on it. I could tell that she was relieved to see that Mrs.

Crabapple was lying about my condition, and I immediately started to explain how the accident occurred, and how Mrs. Crabapple had been in the dead center of the street. Crabapple responded by saying that I had been "racing, and running wild" and that I had "slid under the wheels of her truck, and she almost crashed" and that "I needed to be taught a lesson, before I killed someone. Excerpt: " This led to an interesting problem a few weeks ago when an overzealous hall monitor sent one of the young female teachers to the Principal's office when he caught her in the hallway without a pass!

The teacher explained who she was, but the Principal who my sister describes as "paddle-happy" was totally unconvinced. He said he needed to keep his secretary in the office, and since they were short staffed he didn't have anyone to walk her back to the teacher's lockers so she could get her purse and verify her identity. Since she wasn't carrying any ID, he suggested she take 3 strokes of the paddle and wait in the corner until her identity could be verified.

Naturally, she refused, and things got quite heated. The Principal laughed, and dismissed the incident as an "innocent misunderstanding. Unfortunately for her the Principal is as old as the hills and is politically connected and locked in for life, so there's no way of getting rid of him. The young female teacher let it all slide when she realized she was going to damage her own career more than his. As for myself, I found the entire story astonishing. My sister and I grew up in California, so paddling is news to me, as our parents didn't believe in corporal punishment. My sister Linda doesn't believe in corporal punishment either, but Emma has been put on notice to be on her best behavior this summer since the school principal is using the school's lousy record keeping as an excuse to swing the paddle as frequently as possible.

I said to my sister that Emma's Principal "sounded like quite a character" and I hoped I had a chance to meet him someday. Linda responded that I'd better be careful for what I wished for, and stay away from the school during my upcoming visit, since I was so youthful looking.

Because of my stature and youthful appearance I spend a lot of money on shoes, clothes, makeup, glasses, and jewelry to look professional. However, ever since I talked to my sister, I keep fantasizing that I'M the one in the Principal's office, being ordered to bend over for my pops. Preposterous, I know, since I've never been spanked, and 28 is far to late to start. At work I'm the very model of professionalism, and dress like the partner I will soon be. Still, I can't get the fantasy out of my head, and it's fun to dream What I find interesting is that, following a link from Mike at SAG, I stumble upon Cynthia's story, read it, enjoy it, and post about it here.

Then not long after that, there's this other, presumably real-life woman Jennifer whose situation so closely matches the protagonist in that story, posting on SAG about her fantasies which echo the story. It's almost as though, by focusing on the story -- myself and presumably other readers of this forum -- we conjured Jennifer up, or somehow prompted her to post on this very subject.

The situation will unfold further as Jennifer reads Cynthia's story and gets some ideas for how she could play with her own situation - presuming she's willing to take that leap. Here's a bit from one of Jen's latest SAG posts: This is from Jennifer, who's 5'4", and who's actually 28, but looks like a teenager: "First, Michael, I do tax planning for Fortune companies, so there is very little I'm not "smart enough to pull off. I'll read the stories this weekend. My niece Emma would probably love your plan.

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She just turned 18, but she's about 6 inches taller than me and has quite a bit more on top. Linda and Emma teased me unmercifully much to my chagrin. I'm not sure why I'd have to dress down "to the last stitch" as you so slyly put it or how that would "enhance the experience immensely". I can't stand it; I can't stand it. Please, I can't stand it.

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I can't stand it. I can't st-stand it. Karen repeated this refrain again and again. Her pleading, begging, and promising are heard throughout the neighborhood. Many nearby parents and teenagers smirk to themselves at Karen's predicament. They KNOW that a spanking is taking place in the Greenway residence yet again, just like has happened many many times before. Karen and her older sister Millie before her had several occasions to treat the nearby community to the unmistakeable and delightful sounds of teenage and older!

The loud THWACKS of the wooden hairbrush and sometimes paddle could be clearly heard several houses away, of course quickly accompanied by even louder shreiks of pain and perhaps even louder promises of good, very good, perhaps angelic behavior. Sometimes, when the neighboring girls and sometimes boys were especially devious, they would use binoculars to peer into the Greenway house in the aftermath of all this delightful punishment noice and discover the wonderful sight of a freshly spanked young lady standing in the corner displaying her burning and crimson bare rear end.

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Cindy takes the opportunity as her older cousin is standing in the corner sobbing and blubbering before she is taken into the bathroom to have her naughty mouth washed out to begin to write home: August 4, Dear Andrea: You will never imagine what I just saw. Our cousin Karen has just gotten a spanking!! Christ, Karen pleaded and begged last night almost as bad as she pleaded once Aunt started to spank her.

From her reaction, it must have really hurt. And, I believe it did.

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Maybe it was; her bottom cheeks turned red and crimson really fast and Aunt spanked her upper thighs as well--and Karen did yell a lot and loudly as Aunt turned her attention to those soft upper thighs. Andrea, Karen got six dozen hard whacks with the backside of the oval wooden backed hairbrush. She kicked and howled from the very first and increased her yelling at least the volume as she took her spanking. And, get this, Aunt assured me that Karen would be subject to spanking as the form of discipline for the next three years!

I think we should be glad mom never used this kind of punishment on us, particularly since she and her sister got it from grandmom. Christ it must really have hurt the way Karen carried on before, during, and after her spanking. Karen had to stand in the corner for a half an hour before she got it and is now standing again, blubbering and crying, in the aftermath of her punishment.

She is not, by the way, permitted to rub or touch her crimson enflamed bottom and upper thighs--Aunt wants her to feel nothing but the continued stinging and burning from the spanking brush. I think, if my eyes were not decieving me, that Karen ended up with a crop of blisters!! Aunt calmly informed me that Karen will be standing for her meals and sleeping on her stomach for a week. I believe her after seeing the state of Karen's behind.

In a few minutes, Karen is going to be taken to the bathroom and have her nineteen year old mouth washed out with soap! I think this is particularly juvenile, but Aunt apparently thinks that it is appropriate. You know I think mom didn't tell us of this practice that grandmom must have used on her and Aunt.

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I can hear Aunt escorting our haughty cousin into the bathroom now and I want to make sure to see this. I give you more details when I get home. Love, Cindy Cindy raced down the hallway to see Karen bend over the sink her pants and panties still down as Aunt latered up a wet soppy washcloth. Somehow, Aunt created quite a lather and repeatedly shoved the washcloth into the crying girl's open mouth. Again, and again Aunt repeated the lathering and insertion of the washcloth to the crimson bottomed college girl.

The exceedingly unpleasant tasting soap suds poured from poor Karen's outstreched mouth Aunt actually, and cruelly, holds her nostrils closed to assure that Karen will keep her mouth wide open. Karen did try to plead, beg, and no doubt promise good behavior, but her words were simply incoherent. As Mother held poor Karen over the sink, still blubbering and spitting out the foul tasting soap suds, Karen's Mom took the opportunity to talk to young Cindy: "Cindy, you have now seen how Karen and her older sister have been disciplined as they were youngsters and now as teenagers.

Your mom and myself were subject to exactly the same as we were growing up. Indeed, as I regrettably remember it, both your mom and myself were subject to lengthy, and I will assure memorable, hairbrush spankings over our mother's knee averaging four times a year until we were nearly twenty two! Karen, as I have announced, well be subject to the hairbrush for at least three more years to correct her at times abominable behavior. And, she knew that in her Aunt's household, one was never too old to get punished in the old fashioned way.

What a relevation.

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Later, once she was home, Cindy would tell of all the events she witnessed. The cause of the spanking was discussed Christ, if I were Aunt's daughter, I too would have been guilty and I too would have gotten the hairbrush! All in all, Cindy and her sister were glad their mom wasn't a spanking mom. Anonymous November 12, at PM. Eddard Stark November 13, at AM. Eddard Stark November 22, at AM. Anonymous November 25, at PM. Eddard Stark November 28, at AM. Anonymous November 29, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Aug 12, Receive notifications on replies.

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Dude, try fetlife. I thought SW stood for 'Spanking Worlds'?? That's so sad but what comes around goes around.

That all there is to say. Hi tried to add you but it won't let me. If you want to add me we can chat. Sounds like her sis really needed one. If I had a little sister, I would probably be able to spank her bum myself. Yes Becky. I always wished Mandy would have gotten a good bare belt whipping for once! Rachely3 yahoo.