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Mars and Moon are strong and the presence of this Sun line indicates the powerful and influential position of this native. The long index finger denotes the relation to religious order. Please note that weak and invisible Punya rekha indicates that the person will not be able to achieve any name in the respective field.

The Punya rekha is clear and double. The hand and horoscope belongs to one of the most renowned scientists of the world Mr. Albert Einstein. With the watery trine full with six planets, you can literally see water in his full and fleshy hand. The vital flow of watery signs forced him to seek the theories in the field of energy.

It is this energy and feeling of independence that made him revolt against the strict rote learning in Luitpold Gymnasium. The shinning prominent Venus exalted in the horoscope is visible in hand With a large bulge Hand has two clear and parallel lines of Sun indicating the multiple faculties and talents of this scientist. He was a great musician and often proclaimed that he would have been a musician if he would not have pursued a scientific field.

His lines are clear, thin and there is a clear line of Saturn. The hand shows vital energy and the two clear sun lines only added to his brilliant future and fame. His Sun lines indicate an eye for art and music as is indicated by Sastras. The shape of hand and clear lines indicates the level of fame achieved by this scientist. Life appears as you see it.

The plant of rose is same. Some can only see the thorns and some can only see the roses hidden amongst those thorns. Image Courtesy — www. It is a technique of assisted reproductive technology for treatment of infertility. Jatinder Sandhu is a Vedic and Medical Astrologer. Astrology is a passion turned profession for Jatinder. He believes in the theory of karma or effort. Throughout his study of astrology, he has devised simple solutions and suggestions. In some situations, donated eggs or sperms may be used. Some countries ban or otherwise regulate the availability of IVF treatment, giving rise to fertility tourism.

Restrictions on availability of IVF include single females, lesbians and surrogacy arrangements. Due to the costs of the procedure, IVF is mostly attempted only after less expensive options have failed. Louise Brown was born as a. Robert G. Edwards, the physiologist who developed the treatment, was awarded the Medicine in With egg donation and IVF, women who are past their reproductive years or menopause can still become pregnant. Adriana Iliescu held the record as the oldest woman to give birth using IVF and donated egg, when she gave birth in at the age of 66, a record passed in After the IVF treatment many couples are able to get pregnant without any fertility treatments.

When your menstrual cycle begins, your estrogen levels are low. Your hypothalamus, which is in charge of maintaining your hormone levels, sends a message to your pituitary gland, which then releases the follicle stimulating hormone FSH. FSH triggers a few of your follicles to develop mature eggs.

One of the follicles will become dominant and will release a mature egg, while the others will disintegrate. As the follicles mature, they send out another hormone called estrogen. An increase in estrogen tells the hypothalamus and pituitary gland that there is a mature egg. The luteinizing hormone LH is then released, also known as your LH surge. The LH surge causes the egg to burst through the ovary wall within hours. The egg will then begin its journey down the fallopian tube where it will be available for fertilization.

The corpus luteum produces progesterone for about days the luteal phase of your cycle. If an egg is fertilized, the corpus luteum will continue to produce progesterone for a developing pregnancy until the placenta takes over. If fertilization does not occur, the egg will dissolve after 24 hours. At this time your hormone levels will decrease, and your uterine lining will begin to shed about days after ovulation.

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This is called menstruation, which brings us back to day 1 of your cycle. The journey then begins all over again. Have you ever wondered exactly how pregnancy happens? If so, the information below should help. How does pregnancy happen? Before pregnancy can begin, two important steps need to take place. An egg must be released during ovulation and it must be fertilized by a sperm cell. From a medical point of view, pregnancy begins when a fertilized egg implants into the wall of the uterus.

Pregnancy continues as that egg grows in to an embryo and then a fetus. The Three Steps of Pregnancy: 1. Ovulation: The ovary releases an egg Hormones associated with the menstrual cycle period cause eggs inside the ovaries to mature.

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Every 28 days or so, one mature egg is released from the ovary. This is called ovulation. After the egg is released, it moves into the fallopian tube where it stays for about 24 hours. If the egg is not fertilized during that time, the egg disintegrates breaks down and menstruation your period begins 2 weeks later. Fertilization: Sperm meets egg. The mature egg is fertilized when it is joined with a sperm cell. This usually happens after a penis has ejaculated semen inside a vagina. Sperm is contained in the semen which travels up the vagina, through the cervix and uterus and into the fallopian tubes.

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If an egg is less than 24 hours old, it can be fertilized by a sperm. Fertilization sometimes but rarely happens when semen has been ejaculated outside but near the entrance of the vagina. Implantation: The fertilized egg attaches to the lining of the uterus and pregnancy begins. Most eggs are fertilized by sperm while still in the fallopian tube. The fertilized egg then travels down the fallopian tube into the uterus.

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  4. This can take 1 — 2 days. When the egg reaches the uterus, it may attach itself to the uterine lining the endometrium and pregnancy will begin. Many fertilized eggs are never implanted and are flushed out of the body with the next period. Astrological factors: Planet moon — is a very important factor in ovulation, mensuration and pregnancy. The second most important planet here is Venus which is significator of female generative parts.

    Moon and Venus are significators of all body fluids, including blood and reproductive ones. Venus represents the reproductive organs in females, third week of menstrual cycle and semen in males. Moon or venus — significator for female hormonal disturbances relating to such as infertility with low levels of the blood hormone, testosterone or estrogen receptor insensitivity, dry and weak uterus, ovarian deficiency. Saturn — For chronic wasting diseases and all blockages, it also represents excretory system. Mars — Significator of surgeries, procedure and sex.

    Moon or Mars — Significator of mensuration. Natural significator of 5th house. Rahu — the foreign object and something unorthodox here fertilization of embryo through IVF. Sign — Scorpio Houses — 5th, 7th, 8th. Lords of 6th, 8th and 12th. Mars — Any insertion, injection, procedure where something is injected or taken out of body. IVF — comes into play when normal pregnancy is difficult due to motley of following factors.

    Signs of jupiter in 5th house. Barren signs in 5th i. Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo. Damaged Fallopian tubes. Hormonal problems. Saturn in sign Scorpio, placed in the 8th house will give diseases of reproductive organs throughout life. Affliction to Moon and Mars in a female astrology chart create disturbance in menstrual cycles. Example charts — Chart one male. Beej saphuta — scorpio though even rashi its not barren. The 7th house is also under the aspect of 8th lord and 3rd lord a quality malefic here.

    Mars is combust it is kind of blessing here. Jupiter though retrograde aspects 5th house as putra karka is the only silver lining here. There were many attempts to conceive including IVf, which did not succeed. Dasha sequence — Moon-Ven-Rahu. Rahu transit also came to natal position activating the unorthodox but successful IVF procedure.

    Chart 2 — female partner Ksherta sphuta — Cancer, fruitful sign. Notice the influence of Rahu on Lagna, 7th house, 5th house and 5th lord. Mars is combust as 5th lord, Moon the Lagna lord is chief significator of fluids and ovulation is badly placed in Saturn sign conjunct Mercury lord of 12th and 3rd. Mercury here is involved in exchange with 7th and 8th lord Saturn.

    Aspect of both 6th and 8th lord on Venus and 5th lord ensured problems in conception, miscarriage and injury to uterus in one of the procedures. So both 4th house lord Venus and natural significator Moon for womb are under the aspects of 6th, 8th lords. Dasha sequence was Mercury-Rahu-Mercury. Mercury is lord of 3rd and 12th involved in exchange with 7th and 8th lord Saturn, thereby it establishes relationship with 6th lord, 7th and 8th lord and Lagna lord also the significator of womb Moon here. Rahu as mentioned above is unorthodox procedure here IVF was used to impregnate.

    Birth of child baby boy — Aswini deva devesou, Pragrhneethaam balim dwimam, Saapathyaam Garbhineem cha imam, Cha Rakshatham pooja yanaya. This lady who is in the family way, Because of this worship offered to you. From all dangers. Rudraascha ekaadasa prokthaa, Pragruhananthu balim dwimam, Yushmaakam preethaye vrutham, Nithyam rakshathu Garbineem. Aadhithya dwadasa prokthaa, Pragrahneethwam balim dwimam, Yushmagam thejasaam vrudhya, Nithyam rakshatha garbhineem.

    Pragrahneeshwa balim cha imam, Sapathyam raksha garbhineem. Prabhaasa, Prabhavassyama, Prathyoosho maruth nala, Druvoo dhura dhuraschaiva, Vasavoshtou prakeerthitha, Pragrahnee thwam Balim cha imam, Nithyam raksha garbhineem. Pithur devi, Pithusreshte, Bahu puthri, maha bale, Bhootha sreshte Nisa vase, Nirvruthe, sounaka priye, Pragrahneeshwa balim cha imam, Sapathyam raksha garbhineem. Please check the use of Garabh Raksha Stotra with proper rituals by clicking this link.

    The very first and most important principle is that our earth plane moves according to the divine plan accomplished by the delegation of the celestial bodies known as the Planets in the infinite space. This B. A, In traditional divine plan is not based on Vedic astrology.

    Practising unfastened events but a complete sequel of astrology from last 8 years consequences unerringly timed and carried family tradition. This is a self evident truth. In astrology, study of the E-mailcelestial bodies means the study of Planets goswami. There are certain factors upon which all the planets in our solar system work in order to shape the Destiny of man. Before beginning of this present age, Kaliyuga, which initiated in BC, Rishis like Bhrigu, Vashishtha, Parashara, Garga and other masters of astrology juxtaposed their various schools of Vedic astrology presented at that time and distilled the elements into their great works known as this times classics or Shastras in astrology.

    The reading of the different classical works by our ancient Sages may take us from the core basics to the finer complexities of Planetary interpretation but the real task of this divine subject astrology revolves round an intellectual grasp of the underlying principles to make those techniques valid than just taking the Sutras or Techniques from those Classics.

    PDF That Great Parashara Exception (Case Studies in Vedic Astrology Book 2)

    The classics provide an excellent opportunity to discover and offered an apparent spatial view in perceiving sound undoubtedly but in practical experience there are some certain very specific situations where you may not be permitted to take the whole and some exceptions really made the sense to conclude it in a complete manner. Human error is always there and there is a possibility of error at every stage. Perhaps, in order to ignore this possibility of mistakes we should check and cross check our data thoroughly with deeper cognition while making a final statement on a natal chart.

    Karaka Bhava Nashaya is a very important principle of Vedic astrology which states that the karaka Planet of a particular house in the same house is not considered an auspicious placement. Although it sounds good when the karaka of the house is in that same house is naturally seems to be in good strength both for the planet and the house as well, but it is not so. Saturn in the 8th house from the Lagna gives invariably what is agreeable. Sir B. This will give fairly a good idea on this very popular term. A table of Houses, their Significator or Karakas and the effects by their placements in the Bhavas seemingly has been given below: [ Please note that each house has many more significations but the general things are mentioned only to make the readers understand easily through basic components and simple method.

    As there is mentioned the Permanent Significators for the 12 houses are fixed for all charts. At the same time Maharishi also explored the significator for each house or bhavas. The list is in below: a The sun — 1st House for the physical condition, self, vitality etc.

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    Certainly, each house represents many other sigfnifications than what is stated above. In that case the significator of the house should go to a certain planet depending on the focus point mainly. For an instance, Moon is the karaka for the 4th house as well as the mother. But when it comes to the certain matters related to education or friends which is also ruled by the 4th house, then the significator would be Mercury as he is the karaka for intellect, logical mind, friends and education or Vidya. Jupiter is the Dharma karaka and is considered to be the karaka for 9th house of Dharma.

    This house also rules the Father. Then take the Sun, pitru karaka, to decide the paternal consequence from the same house. Therefore, Sun is the Karaka for 9th house too.

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    By the way, many people takes the 10th house for father since it is the 7th to the 4th house but Classics never impart it and clearly grants the 9th house for father. Father is our first Guru who teaches us lessons even before a teacher whom you would meet at your primary school, a mentor and spiritual gurus in later life. In case of Saturn, he is the karaka for the 6th, 8th and 12th houses but at the same time Mars also represents the 6th house.

    Apart from the enemy and disease, fear, weapon, wounds, war, legal problems, victory are also judged from the 6th houseor Ari Bhava. Mars being the Soldier or chief in commandor it also signifies stamina, parakrama or courage, valour, anger, enemies, opposition, burns, injuries, blister, police, court etc which are the main elements of the 6th house too.

    However, Rahu Ketu two nodes have not any physical identity and they are considered the Shadow planets. Few sources tell us that Rahu is the significator of the Paternal grandfather, whereas Ketu is the significator of Maternal grandfather. The nodes together are the significator of both paternal and maternal ancestors and thus represent the genetic heritage of an individual. It is important to note that Ketu is the Moksha Karaka hence must be taken as the significator of the 12th house which denotes the Moksha or the final emancipation from the cycle of life death. Hence, it would not be wrong if we grant the Moksha karaka as the karaka of the Vyaya bhava i.

    But the Bhava karakas i. For example, Jupiter is the Karaka for 2nd,5th,9th,10th and 11th house, so when Jupiter is placed in any of these houses it will destroy the house related matters. Jupiter in 5th house is bad for children and when in 11th , it will affect the elder siblings or relationship with them. Mars is the Karaka of the 3rd house. So, when Mars is placed in 3rd house, it will destroy the co-borns specially the younger one and courage of the native because 3rd house represents those of things indeed. Venus and and 7th house both signify Marriage. So when Venus is in the 7th house or Jaya bhava, it will give bad results in marital life specially trouble from wife.

    Sun and 9th house both tell us about father; if Sun is in the 9th house, it will affect the life or fate of the father. Saturn as the Ayushkaraka when in Randra bhava i. In absence of printing facility, those main and important scriptures could not be written up as at the present days and all the logics behind a Sutra were transmitted from the Rishis to their disciples through Guru-Shishya tradition. Some of the classics differed in their views. This is not because the Rishis who observed different things on the same principle were getting into contradictions or lacked sagacity but there were variable changes in the Socio-economic-righteous circumstances from one to anothar that is why their interpretations were different normally with the changing course of times.

    For all these certain reasons I personally observe those who are really strenuous learners in this divine science must do some fundamental and original research with a scientific spirit even on a basic principle in depth before using it aggressively in practical application. And during my research, I found the failure of this popular Karaka Bhava Nashaya rule in some particular cases. Therefore, I would like to share few instances on this rule. I saw many folks blessed with good children even with Jupiter in 5th house.

    Saturn in 8th could be a strong signal of long life almost delaying the death indeed. We know that 8th house is represented by Saturn and Death is also signified by Saturn, so according to this rule Saturn in 8th house should be the cause of short life. Now tell me why their house signification does not get spoiled rather strengthened this in a surprising way? As we can see that his ascendant or lagna falls in the end of sagittarius. Sun in his first house, Venus and Mercury are conjoined in 2nd house, Fifth house has Mars in it, MoonSaturn conjunction in Karma bhava 10th house , Jupiter in 11th and the nodal axis is in 6th and 12th eventually.

    Sun is depicted as the Soul of the universe representing the life-force on the earth. Sun is the soul of all beings. Hence, it is the real self of any person which is directly represented by the lagna or the first house itself. Saturn is the natural significator of Karma Profession and it is situated in the 10th house from lagna for Swami ji. In this chart Sun, Saturn and Jupiter are placed in 1st, 10th and 11th house respectively of which they became the natural significator as per the karakas of these particular houses which is already listed above.

    Now, if the readers take a view in his horoscope carefully, the first thing that would come into the mind how such a disastrous planetary configuration could lead him to be not only a true patriot who restored India to its former glory but he was one of the greatest spiritual figures in the world. Though Sun was in the first house, he was a world famous personality. If you came to the point of the father that is also signified by the Sun, his father Vishwanath dutta was a learned lawyer at the high court of Calcutta.

    Sun controlled his 9th house of higher education. Narendranath studied at the Presidency college, Calcutta. He was very popular for his knowledge in Sanskrit. He studied logic and philosophy. Certainly, this is an excellent placement for Sun to be in lagna, being the most auspicious trikonesh 9th Lord. This placement indicates, trine lord in Centre, great rajyoga. Sun is in own nakshtra Uttarashada and is Vargottam in Navamsh kundali.

    10 Best Seller Books on Ancient Astrology to Become a Notable Astrologer

    Jupiter is the lagna lord placed in the house 11th of gains and fulfilment of objectives, enabled him to fulfil his objectives even under adverse circumstances. Saturn is lord of the 2nd house and in exchange with the 7th cum 10th lord Mercury makes him world renowned and widely respected. Though Saturn is in 10th, it occupies friendly sign in other divisionals specially in D9 and D10 which are very important while dealing with the ultimate mission in life.

    Apart from the marriage 7th house also deals with the public contacts, business relationship, negotiation, agreements and overseas travel. The notable feature in swamiji was his Vargottam Lagna in Navamsha kundali and Sun as well. Many would say that Moon-Saturn together in a sign forms Visha poison Yoga but this is one of the best yoga in a horoscope which suggests more intellectual and rational approach towards the philosophy of life. Vivekananda was eager to see God face to face since his childhood.

    He became a disciple of great saint Ramkrishna Paramahansa in the temple of Goddess Kaali at Dakshineswar, who taught him that God lives in every living being. So, by serving them, one can serve God. It was during his Rahu md and Saturn bhukti probably on In the 12th Rahu was aspected by both Mars and Saturn, had run a suitable period in order to find his Guru. After the death of his perceptor, Vivekananda went to America to participate the parliament of Religions held in Chicago on Sep, It was his Jupiter mahadasa in Jupiter antardasa and Venus pratyantar dasha when he spoke on the spirit of Hinduism and explained in his speech that God is one.

    His speech was highly applauded. Venus the pratyantar dasa lord was directly posited in the 2nd house of speech and Jupiter is already in 11th to confirm success in his divine mission. He was greeted and sheered by all the audience there. Many Westerns became his followers there.

    He was very logical and his messages are easy to be understood even by an ordinary man. Through his supernal writings and speeches Swami Vivekananda taught his countrymen the essence of nationalism. In this world of over seven billion souls; we still feel the absence of a man like him in this age and then suddenly we find he is there in all men. He was a phenomenon rather than merely of a physical being.

    She born in Sagittarius rising and her Moon sign is Aries. Sun is in own sign Leo whereas Mercury is exalted for her. In , he died suddenly leaving his three children included Agnes- who was destined to become Mother Teresa was only 8 years old then.

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    He was believed to have been poisoned. However, the reason might be considered as Sun in 9th; Pitru Karaka in Pitru bhava might cause loss of her father in an early age. Though Sun is merely strong, it is associated with the 12th lord Mars there. Ketu, the Nakshtra lord of sun goes to the 12th house of loss. So, there is a directly link between the 9th and 12th house which may oftencause loss of father or an early death of father. Never allow the extra point goes away from you. However, there are many conditions also given in the ancient texts that modify and even reverse this indication.

    This article deals with one such special condition in which the debilitated planet not only doesn't give unfavorable results, it brings great success and fame to the individual. This is a great book showing the stars from the position of negative All of the Astrologers should use the techniques. This is a MUST book. Five Stars By M. Then you could explore how phases and solar angles combine with the Moon and perhaps other planets in these stars to provide a rich and useful interpretive resource for natal and non-natal application.

    There are many obstacles, but I think the greatest barrier to Indian astrology being a truly monumental blessing on the world is that the translations of its authoritative and classical works into English are atrocious. To be successful, such works would require excellence in Sanskrit, English, communication, and astrology; but the authors who have published translations thus far rarely have expertise in even one of these areas. Books written in English on Vedic astrology by modern authors are fluff in comparison to the classics. At best they lack scholarship and depth.

    The very few exceptions to this rule are almost always dry or poorly worded. However, I am confident that if we turn more attention towards Indian astrology, the quality of its understanding and presentation will dramatically improve. I would like to close this article by sharing with you what I personally feel are excellent parts of Indian Astrology worthy of deep exploration.

    My list will proceed towards what I feel are the most important things Indian Astrology has to offer humanity. The downside of being popular is that there is lots of misinformation about it. Still, it's potential as a timing technique is profound. There are also more than a dozen other similar systems to explore in Brhat Parashara Hora. India has also preserved the techniques of Persian solar returns very carefully, and any student of Persian astrology and solar returns would be happy to avail themselves of it.

    India's focus on sign-subdivisions expanded into a very impressive and well developed school of interpretive techniques. In addition to other roles played by the subdivisions, each one can stand as a chart within the main chart, pertaining to a specific house and area of life.

    The Brhat Parashara Hora's method of calculating degree and planet-specific aspects is outstanding. Each planet has a different "vision" of the sky, with unique lines of sight that fade in and out of focus gradually from degree to degree. The effects of potent planets are more dominant and profound than the effects of impotent planets. Classical dignity depends largely upon the relationship between the "host and guest" the planets who own and occupy a sign, respectively.

    Indian Astrology has an unchanging baseline of relationships between the various planets, modified on a case-by-case basis by the current planetary positions. The baseline interplanetary relationships are fascinating and reveal much about the planets themselves. It is supplemented with rich Indian mythology, too.

    Further, in classical India, dignity is not solely based on the primary zodiac sign but on several sub-divisions of the sign. In the Indian System a planet in a sign can have up to different dignity-affecting placements, depending on its degree and minute! The Brhat Parashara Hora provides an excellent mathematical formula for calculating dignity across many subdivisions. I personally feel that the relatively unknown kernel of indigenous Vedic astrology is at least equal in worth to all the astrological schools that developed in India, combined.

    Awaiting our discovery and exploration is a rich and deep array of 27 gods in 27 fixed stars, each with an extensive mythology imparting interpretive import. Corollary to these stars is an eloquent system of finely measuring and interpreting lunar phases. Indian thoughts on relationship compatibility and electional astrology are rooted in these 27 stars and — though very poorly presented to the world thus far — are very worthy of exploration.

    Essentially the 27 Vedic stars open a doorway to a completely "new" non-zodiacal system of astrology! I believe that the greatest blessing India offers to astrology is not directly astrological. India's unparalleled metaphysical refinements present a philosophical foundation for astrology that is extremely sublime, empowering, real, and deep.

    The Vedic understanding of karma as a marriage of freewill and fate puts a resounding resolution on debates concerning this topic. Essentially, human beings are "adults" of the universe and are therefore held responsible for their free choices. Responsibility for the use of our freedoms is what generates inescapable fate. The vast plethora of extremely well developed spiritual and moral paths developed in India and recorded in Vedic literature provides practical tools by which an individual can stop fighting with their fate — embrace it as the loving correction and reward of their universal mother and take firmer grasp of their freewill, liberating themselves from habitual responses that perpetuate the wheel of destiny.

    Read Vic DiCara's book :. In the 10th century Bhattotpala identified it as being a lost work. In the19th century a scholar gathered whatever pieces of the book could be found and rewrote it. Thus the copy we have today contain modern texts based on scraps that are most likely younger than the 10th century. Therefore it is very likely to be an interpolation. Another exception is the Garga Samhita, but that books is widely considered riddled with interpolation.

    However, we see astrological reference to the planets in ancient Vedic calendars, which have weeks of seven days, named for seven planets.