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Programs over people — Many people are turned off to the gospel when they see the church focus more on events and programs than on relating one on one to people. Triumphalism — Many young people are turned off to triumphalist prayers and pronouncements about taking cities and nations back for God. They feel called to serve their community but not to take it over by force.

We in the church have to be careful with the kind of language we use to communicate our vision. No community and authenticity — What people crave for the most is community. Everyone needs to feel loved and to belong to an entity greater than him or herself. Part of the call of the church is to assimilate new believers into the visible body of Christ through relationships and discipleship. When people come to the church and only experience program based Christianity, they will eventually leave and look for a real community in which to belong. Great Resources to help you excel in !

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Is Christ Your Cornerstone or Stumbling Block (1 Peter 2: ) - My Life. His Story.

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Three Stumbling Blocks To Evangelizing The World

Do not post personal information including phone numbers, email or mailing addresses, or credit card information belonging to you or others. This is a good learning experience. Everything he has said would make for many great blog posts with counter arguments. Seems like that ought to make the list.

To all: Power is out at my house and my iPhone is about dead. If power is not restored shortly, I will have no way to post comments. I will certainly get them posted once power is back. Is not part or in my book the majority of the problem a misunderstanding of evangelism, discipleship and the Great Commission? The Great Commission is not an evangelism text, it is a discipleship text.

We are called to make disciples. I believe we have a misguided, linear view of evangelism, conversion and discipleship. We should all be in the process of being discipled by the good news of the Kingdom. As we are discipling others in the ways of Jesus evangelism will no doubt take place, but it will take place in the midst of a discipling relationship, rather than in an artificial, unnatural manner that is characteristic of most views of evangelism.

I think one of the biggest reasons is that the church has no confidence that when the gospel is shared, people will believe. This lack of trust that God will water the seeds planted is devestating. We think the problem lies in our presentation or our methodology, but Salvation is of the Lord!

7 Stumbling Blocks to Sharing the Gospel

We need only share, He does the rest. We have a mentality in our churches that wants to look at improving ourselves pride , rather than us listening to God and improving in the areas that are for our calling.

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But we are worried about fitting into cliques, that maybe are not where God wants us to be. This is a stumbling block, not only fir those that ignore but the one being ignored allowing that to affect them and their ministry. We are supposed to edify one another, not the opposite. Worldly attitudes and ways have made their way into the Church……how???

If we do not love one another we are doomed to continue what is taking place in our churches NOW. We allow things into our Churches that are not supposed to be. We do not call each other out, like Paul did Peter, we candy coat the Word and abandon the Church God has prepares for us. Scripture is filled with instruction on how we should treat and deal with one another.

We need to: trust God when He speaks to us, rely on our Father, the power in Christ and the leading of the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us and love one another. Romans But God be thanked, that he were the servants of sin, but he have obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine which was delivered you. If I could also add to this conversation, there is one reason larger than the ones above that I can only offer out of observation and conviction of someone with seminary training but not an expert in such things. I fear that a great many Southern Baptist churches have eviscerated the significance and practices of what it means to be a Christian, and thus the life of the local church is anemic.

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So very many churches today center their life mostly around the sermon, the passing of the collection plate, and singing 7 or 8 songs. The songs are basically about how much we love God and what we can do for Him. There have been many Baptists in history who have rightfully found their identity as the Covenant People of God the Bride of Christ, the Church, the Elect, however you want to frame it and thus, as the Covenant People, we are not called to supplement our lives with God.

Historically speaking, the Church has found the recitation of the Creeds and various catechisms to be very helpful and I agree.

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This is what we do or, should be doing. We not only find our identity in these practices, but we learn immense amounts of knowledge of God via these practices, because they are all pedagogical in nature. They are not rooted in experience, they are rooted in truth. Experience may be the leaves on the tree, but the root is in the truth these practices proclaim. If they are done weekly as an empty ritual, that is a problem with the person doing these as empty rituals.

Wow, Matt! You are speaking my language. I wish I had more time to reread and think through everything you said to reply more fully. I have been spending a lot of time in prayer and contemplation on this issue, especially looking at myself first. I am coming to the conclusion that even before No.

I really believe that is lost in so many congregations. The same sort of evangelists. Cookie cutter style. The Holy Spirit has gifted so very many of our members with incredible gifts, many of which are displayed in plain sight every week, just simply by the nature of how these saints behave. Yes, all believers should witness verbally share the Gospel explicitly. But neither do I let my subdued amount of evangelism make me feel like less of a Christian, because I am intentionally doing the things I am gifted for.

Have you ever thought about leaving the safety of the church and witnessing to a stranger. Maybe a clerk in a store etc. Here is a reason I think that is not listed Pastors do not really preach evangelism it or do it. Many in the congregation yearn to be taught evangelism -real witnessing and not faith sharing by osmosis. My example? Ask why and listen to the trite reasons how you will be told they do not work.

In response ask how revival services have impacted Christianity historically and list people you know who came to saving faith after revivals.

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  4. Despite the great success of revivals you will be talked down as a rube for even suggesting such a ridiculous thing in this day despite the historical fact of the great harvest and movements started by such services. Could you hold a revival at Big Steeple Church, and have as many as a quarter of the seats of occupied by non-Christians? Skip that. Could it hold a revival, and have anybody come? I do not know who would show at an unsupported apathetic so called evangelistic church for a revival.

    Leadership starts from the pulpit. It is never tried you will not know.. Never up to bat you never get a hit.

    A major stumbling block to faith

    At the worst you will be derided by some theological snobs that do not evangelize. History versus experts of today? I will go with will go with Wesley,Whitfield,Graham and others. I do not think they thought they were sinning by preaching on days other than Sunday whether they call it a revival, crusade or Bible conference or something else. My son was saved at a poorly attended revival. I hope that makes his salvation valid still: The leader of my ministry was saved at a revival. I was saved at one of the early church youth camps that was like a revival even though despite being an already baptized member of a Southern Baptist church.

    My wife was saved by listening to Billy Graham on TV. I just can not think why any body-especially anyone from a church benefiting from the First or Second Great Awakening could believe anything old could help are experts of today. Even if it is old fashioned and has centurys of success revival preaching can be excused if our experts who have not been doing it the last few decades do not believe it.

    The Scriptures nor Church history dictate that these are necessary for widespread evangelism, although I know they are quite capable of that. A few posts above I lamented how we take the efficacy of something and allow that to give something priority. These alone are extremely evangelistic, to say nothing of the wisdom and encouragement imparted to the participants for the purpose of the Great Commission.

    All good. I appreciate your remarks. I was overstating points. I know many seminarians the past few years are concerned with Finneyism manipulation. We know true revival is sent from above. Of you have preaching during the week where am from you can name it what you want it will still be called a revival.

    Urban Camp Meeting- a Bible Conference with a nice name or revival I think it is an obvious piece left out. When the pastor leads prayer and training for months — as well as leads his people to share an event I have seen results.

    Most Relevant Verses

    To me a church supported revival is like a basketball guard who averages Someone thinks we need to go another way ignoring the obvious. Lift Jesus Up! There indeed are many reasons and excuses we have for not engaging others with the gospel,but the main reason would be our lack of confidence in the gospel. Every fellowship needs to either have one of the five gifted equippers, or be connected to an Apostolic Center that can have that input. We offer spiritual sacrifices—our selves, offered freely and wholly to the Lord. As priests we represent the people to God and God to the people.

    We show the watching world what our Father is like, and we stand as intercessors for those around us. And all this is built on the foundation of who Christ is and what he has done for us. Yet some will not accept Christ as their foundation. If we do not acknowledge him as Lord and Savior, then we rebel against his rightful authority over our lives. And those who reject him as the cornerstone will discover Christ to be a stumbling block that leads to destruction.

    But if we really understood the fate of the lost it would motivate and empower our evangelism. For those who believe, the gospel is a means of salvation. But for those who reject it, the gospel is a means of judgment.