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How fast can a space heater catch on fire?

Currently, USPS doesn't list any reports of fatalities stemming from the fires, and only one report of injury where a mail carrier burned one hand. Still, fires in five years is a lot of damaged property -- both the government's and private citizens' personal mail -- and those numbers have mail carriers rightfully concerned.

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It's unclear at this time whether another agency like NHTSA will intervene and force a recall, and what that recall would look like. Trump's intel community relationship worsens. Trump lashes out at 'Do Nothing Democrat Savages'. Games that impact the College Football Playoff.

Judge blocks the indefinite detention of migrant kids. Singh apologizes for 'disrespectful' joke.

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I used to clean houses. Then I hired a maid. Did Princess Beatrice copy Meghan Markle's engagement photos? Zimbabwe's Mugabe buried in home village, ending an era. What happens when an airline shuts down? Chevy's adding a turbo-4 engine to the Blazer, but why? Biden returns to campaign trail. Most of the fires, such as one this February at a gas station in Connecticut, have started within the engine compartment and then engulfed the entire truck, mail included. The U. Postal Service has known about the issue since at least —four years before it opened a bid for the Next Generation Delivery Vehicle —when it issued a bulletin recommending timely maintenance, according to the National Association of Letter Carriers, the union for USPS delivery employees.

In that time, despite memos from fleet managers and Inspector General reports, the U. Postal Service still hasn't found a root cause for the fires. The Trucks. Instead, the agency doled out advice in the form of a basic checklist that any good mechanic would follow. A USPS spokesperson told the website that "the safety of our employees is a matter of great importance" while refusing to comment on anything specific related to the fires.

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Even if these fires were the only known fires in the LLV's history, the failure rate is so high—roughly , vehicles are in service—that it would have triggered a recall in an ordinary passenger vehicle, as the Trucks. Likely there are hundreds more that have gone unreported in the media during the LLV's long history. While the Postal Service technically has to abide by NHTSA safety regulations, it would appear the government has taken little interest in preventing these deadly accidents. Luckily, within that five-year period, just one injury was reported.

For most mail carriers who drive the LLVs on a daily basis, the fires aren't unusual, because they are expected. Their vehicles aren't equipped to handle the heavy loads of packages that now dominate the cargo space. They don't have airbags or anti-lock brakes.

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  • USPS vehicles have been catching on fire for years with no recall, report says.
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The air conditioning is a metal-caged fan. Their engines guzzle fuel even by commercial standards. Given that progress—and the many prototypes running across the country —it'll be many more years until a more fire-resistant mail truck arrives on your block.