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Facebook Flickr. Welcome to our friendly faith family. Service Times Sunday worship schedule: a. Upcoming events NA Meeting October 10 pm. AA Meeting October 13 pm. Adult Bible Study October 17 pm. NA Meeting October 17 pm. Location and contact information N. I was there in June , on a baking hot day, with a group of fellow-delegates to the Gafcon Conference in Jerusalem. We had driven from Capernaum up to a restaurant in the hills,.

Why did the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral this week evoke such horror and grief in those of us who are neither French nor Roman Catholics? The answer is, I think, simple: it was beautiful.


Moreover, its beauty was something that we may have lost the capacity to create. The philosopher Sir Roger Scruton has. Acts — The Neverending Story Acts Sermon preached at Christ Church Duesseldorf 27th January Introduction What would you say was the greatest turning point in world history, for good or ill?

That question was asked on the website Quora a whole back, and people pointed to various answers.

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The principal service is the Holy Eucharist Holy Communion. Weekday celebrations also are frequently without music, and without sermon. Another service is Morning Prayer. The parallel evening service is Evening Prayer. They may be with or without music. While some parts of the services are always the same, others change.

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These change each Sunday. So do the psalms. Certain of the prayers also change, in order to provide variety.

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Page numbers for parts of the service printed elsewhere in the Book are usually announced or given in the service leaflet. Others sometimes sit to listen to the organ postlude. Vestments Liturgical Clothing.

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The clergy may also wear cassock and surplice. Another familiar vestment is the alb, a white tunic with sleeves that covers the body from neck to ankles. Vestment colors change with the seasons and holy days of the Church Year.

The Episcopal Church observes the traditional Christian calendar. Christmas itself lasts twelve days, after which we celebrate the feast of the Epiphany January 6.

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Lent, the forty days of preparation for Easter, begins on Ash Wednesday. During these times the Bible readings are chosen for their appropriateness to the season. The Old Testament lesson corresponds in theme with one of the New Testament readings. Interpretation of the faith varies somewhat from parish to parish, but within the framework of these basic guidelines:.

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The Holy Trinity: God is three persons or beings in one:. Holy: The Holy Spirit dwells in it and its members. Catholic: Universal; holding the faith for all time, everywhere, for everybody.